Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

This is mostly for me to reference next year when I can't remember what we enjoyed about Easter this year. Matt worked nights through the weekend, so we kept our Easter pretty low key this year. Just the four of us which was really nice.

(I also can't get Instagram to work on my phone which is limiting my social media - not a bad thing - but also keeping me from blogging since I like to edit photos there before sharing them here. Maybe I'll get that figured out soon)

Holy Saturday
We dyed eggs from our chickens. Nothing fancy, just used a grocery store package.

We also made Krispy Easter Eggs, wrapped a few up cute, and shared some with a few younger neighbor kids. Kids had a good time doing this, and we'll definitely add it our annual repertoire.

Jack had left carrots and popcorn and orange juice for the Easter bunny. He is at this in-between stage where he knows it is all not real and yet he can't quite let go of his belief.

Easter Morning
I was up early to hide eggs and set up Easter baskets - each had a stuffed bunny, a CD, and a packet of seeds (cactus for Kate & sunflowers for Jack).

I started the hot cross buns (this is a really good recipe!) and cut up fruit while the kids did their egg hunt.

When Matt got up late morning, we had hot cross buns and fruit salad (grapefruit, oranges, grapes & bananas) outside in the sunshine.

Easter Afternoon & Dinner
We took a scenic drive up Rampart Range Road from Garden of the Gods up to Woodland Park, had a quick picnic, and did a fun hike (Avenger Claim Loop). A nice family outing to avoid the holiday crowds.

After a little nap, I finished up Easter dinner.  It all went really well together.
Brown sugar ham steak (usually I do Honey Baked ham but since we didn't have a crowd, this was perfect)
Hoosier potatoes (there would be mutiny if I didn't fix this!)
Shredded Brussel sprouts
Lemon Garlic Broccoli (this was just eh)
Blintzes with Strawberries

Thoughts for next year

  • Make smaller crepes for blintzes
  • Serve hard boiled eggs for breakfast or some other protein
  • Do most of food prep on Saturday
  • Add roasted carrots to dinner
PS - I know of 2 chocolate eggs that haven't been found yet!!


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