Monday, March 06, 2017

Weekend Review - First of March

We were undecided up until late Friday evening about whether to stay home this weekend or go to the mountains. In the end, the spring-like weather convinced us to stay home.
A little spring
So Friday after swim practice and volleyball, we ordered pizza and watched the original Jurassic Park movie.

After sleeping in late Saturday morning, Matt and I went car shopping. We've had a number of serious car accidents affect friends and family in the last few weeks, and since my vehicle is 10+ years old with 165K+ miles, we decided it is time to upgrade. No decision was made this weekend but hopefully soon.

Saturday evening we went with friends to explore Seven Falls and eat at Restaurant 1858. Despite being a bit chilly - actually COLD by the end - we had fun walking around and ate a great meal. Looking forward to going back when it is warmer, and it is our new place to take out of town guests.
Canyon walk to Restaurant 1858
Both kids had sleepovers elsewhere on Saturday night, so Matt and I woke up to an empty house Sunday morning! We went out for a nice breakfast the Ivywild School and then browsed more new vehicles.

The rest of Sunday was simple pleasures and little errands. I took a nice, long walk with a friend then took Tripper for a run, Matt got a bike ride, Jack spent most of the day with a friend, and Kate practiced volleyball at a friend's house. Felt like we ended the weekend rested and caught up with life.