Tuesday, March 07, 2017

2017 Reading List - February

Finished in February: 4 (highlighted)
YTD: 14

So I didn't finish much last month, but I started A LOT. Thinking I'll have more finishes in March.

Books I've Started and Want to Finish
Truly, Madly, Guilty
The Hoarder in You
12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Your Brain at Work
More or Less

The Red Tent
The Underground Railroad
'Til the Well Runs Dry
The Three-Year Swim Club
After You
A Game of Thrones
Olive Kitteridge
Life After Life
Pitch Dark
Youngblood Hawke
Seven Eves
Blue Remembered Earth
War and Peace
Miss Jane
The Nix
Imagine Me Gone
Behind Closed Doors

The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything
Love is Never Enough
New Seeds of Contemplation
Salt Sugar Fat
How We Do It
When Women Were Birds
Brain Chains
The Organized Mind
Raising Happiness
Why Isn't My Brain Working?
365 Days of Wonder
On Living
Always Know What to Say
Hillbilly Elegy
H is for Hawk

Children's Literature
Out of the Silent Planet
Watership Down
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Hattie Big Sky
Lord of the Deep
Missing May
Call it Courage

Added Books

Our Souls at Night
Born a Crime
Small Great Things
The Like Switch
Chasing Monarchs
The Shoemaker's Wife
The Summer Before the War
The Time Between
Organizing From the Inside Out
I'll Always Write Back
The Kaizen Way
Norwegian By Night
He's Gone

Monday, March 06, 2017

Weekend Review - First of March

We were undecided up until late Friday evening about whether to stay home this weekend or go to the mountains. In the end, the spring-like weather convinced us to stay home.
A little spring
So Friday after swim practice and volleyball, we ordered pizza and watched the original Jurassic Park movie.

After sleeping in late Saturday morning, Matt and I went car shopping. We've had a number of serious car accidents affect friends and family in the last few weeks, and since my vehicle is 10+ years old with 165K+ miles, we decided it is time to upgrade. No decision was made this weekend but hopefully soon.

Saturday evening we went with friends to explore Seven Falls and eat at Restaurant 1858. Despite being a bit chilly - actually COLD by the end - we had fun walking around and ate a great meal. Looking forward to going back when it is warmer, and it is our new place to take out of town guests.
Canyon walk to Restaurant 1858
Both kids had sleepovers elsewhere on Saturday night, so Matt and I woke up to an empty house Sunday morning! We went out for a nice breakfast the Ivywild School and then browsed more new vehicles.

The rest of Sunday was simple pleasures and little errands. I took a nice, long walk with a friend then took Tripper for a run, Matt got a bike ride, Jack spent most of the day with a friend, and Kate practiced volleyball at a friend's house. Felt like we ended the weekend rested and caught up with life.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Weekend Review - Kate's Birthday Weekend

Oh, dear. These posts are sliding further and further back in the week! The weekend is starting, and I'm just now posting about last weekend. Going to try get back to my Sunday night weekend post.
Last Friday was Kate's 13th birthday! I have a teenager! Matt got our traditional donuts and balloons for breakfast. I made her favorite meal for dinner - French dip sandwiches with roasted brussel sprouts and carrots (ok, the veggies aren't her favorite but she likes them). We ate right after school because she had both swim and volleyball that night. While she was practicing I ran out for an ice cream cake from Josh & John's, and we had our little cake and presents celebration late (after 10PM!)
Saturday morning was a make-up piano lesson for Jack and errands and getting ready to go to The Great Wolf Lodge! A nearby location just opened this winter, and kids have been excited to try it out. Matt was on call all weekend, so I invited a friend for each of the kids and made a last minute decision to go stay.
(There are plenty of reviews online about staying at Great Wolf Lodges, so I don't know that I need to add to it right now. But I definitely have some thoughts that maybe I'll share at some point.)
All Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday morning and afternoon were spent at the lodge. Matt was able to come for a few hours Saturday evening. There was lots of waterpark play, MagiQuest for the boys, ropes course for the girls, pizza dinner, and a little mini birthday party for Kate.
I was EXHAUSTED when we arrived home Sunday late afternoon. I fell onto the couch and did nothing the rest of the evening!