Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Weekend Review - Super Bowl Weekend

(Apparently if you want something you've written to show up on your blog, you actually have to hit the "publish" button... so here's a late review of last weekend...)

This weekend felt odd because it *sorta* felt like we left Kate home alone for the weekend (although technically we did not). She had a birthday party sleepover Saturday night with friends and a Super Bowl party on Sunday evening, but the rest of us spent the weekend in the mountains.

Matt and Jack drove up to the mountains with Jack's friend Noah and his dad on Friday night. Saturday morning Noah's mom (my friend Kerri) and I drove up to join the boys. As soon as we got there, we changed and headed out to ski. The boys were already skiing, and we eventually met them for lunch and more skiing together.

Saturday night the tween boys were super excited to be left with pizza and computers while the adults had a double date. We ate way too much at an adorable little French restaurant Le Petit Paris.

Jack woke up sick on Sunday morning (no surprise as Kate officially had flu A the week before), so the dads went skiing, the moms stayed home doing a puzzle, and the boys did a bunch of nothing.
Jack & Tripper sleeping on the drive home
(I did a very poor job of taking photos last weekend!)
We listened to the first half of the Super Bowl on the drive home and watched the second half at home. I was so happy to see Kate when she came home after her party, and we all fell into bed early and

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