Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekend Review - President's Day

I want to record all our weekends in 2017, because it is nice to have a record of what we are doing. So easy to forget. I almost can't remember what we did this last weekend, just a few days ago!

Saturday was a lovely day with NOTHING planned. Kids wanted Swedish pancakes for breakfast, so I made a huge pile of them. We did some house work, ran some errands, and just caught up on life. Kate and I had a girls' date with pedicures and a little shopping. We had planned to do a family movie night, but Jack was invited to have dinner with a neighbor friend so the rest of us just had a lazy evening.

Sunday morning we were up early and made crepes for breakfast (we love eggy pancakes of all nationalities!). Then Kate and I showed up at the Humane Society for foster training that is NEXT month. Doh! Since we were up and out, we ended up downtown getting drinks from a coffee shop and window shopping. 

Matt and I did a bike ride Sunday afternoon (I haven't been on my road bike in years - we rode up to a bike shop and I got a new *pink* helmet) while Jack played with a neighbor friend and Kate did some pet sitting with one of her friends. 

Matt and I had a 50th birthday bus party to attend Sunday evening. Everyone was dressed up in their leather, lace and sequins and on the party bus with no idea where we were headed. What a fun surprise to pull up to TopGolf an hour later! Super fun. Ended the night with dessert and piano in the lobby of The Mining Exchange.

President's Day was a bit normal and uneventful for us. Matt was up early as he was worked in Alamosa, CO for a couple days this week. While there was officially no school, we still saw tutors and had sport practices. We also had our Humane Society foster home inspection... more about that after we complete our foster training... NEXT month. Ha!