Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend Review - Last Swim Meet (For Now)

Another swim meet weekend!

The kids and I drove to Littleton Friday afternoon for Kate's evening swim. She swam the 200 backstroke and made her state cut (unfortunately Kate turns 13 the day the meet starts which makes her ineligible to swim). We grabbed a late bite with some other swimmers and headed to the hotel for the night. It was extra fun to have one of Kate's swim mates staying with us.

We were up early Saturday morning for the meet. Pretty routine, uneventful session.

We got home early afternoon with a quick turn around to get Jack to a piano lesson (he missed his normal time last week due to the flu). Kate planned and made a big veggie salad dinner for us, and afterwards we lit a fire and played a few rounds of Clue. Jack and I also worked on a puzzle while listening to our audiobook.

Woke early Sunday to snow and made the drive back up to the swim meet. Another fairly uneventful session. And the last of our family's short course season. We were home again by early afternoon, and all of us were tired. Spent the rest of Sunday unpacking, doing laundry, watching a movie, finishing the puzzle and doing some baking.

Matt had been skiing with friends in Utah since the middle of last week. He arrived home late afternoon - with the flu! I'm the only one to not fall victim to the bug... fingers crossed I don't get sick this week.

Also no photos again this weekend... I need to get on that!