Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekend Review - President's Day

I want to record all our weekends in 2017, because it is nice to have a record of what we are doing. So easy to forget. I almost can't remember what we did this last weekend, just a few days ago!

Saturday was a lovely day with NOTHING planned. Kids wanted Swedish pancakes for breakfast, so I made a huge pile of them. We did some house work, ran some errands, and just caught up on life. Kate and I had a girls' date with pedicures and a little shopping. We had planned to do a family movie night, but Jack was invited to have dinner with a neighbor friend so the rest of us just had a lazy evening.

Sunday morning we were up early and made crepes for breakfast (we love eggy pancakes of all nationalities!). Then Kate and I showed up at the Humane Society for foster training that is NEXT month. Doh! Since we were up and out, we ended up downtown getting drinks from a coffee shop and window shopping. 

Matt and I did a bike ride Sunday afternoon (I haven't been on my road bike in years - we rode up to a bike shop and I got a new *pink* helmet) while Jack played with a neighbor friend and Kate did some pet sitting with one of her friends. 

Matt and I had a 50th birthday bus party to attend Sunday evening. Everyone was dressed up in their leather, lace and sequins and on the party bus with no idea where we were headed. What a fun surprise to pull up to TopGolf an hour later! Super fun. Ended the night with dessert and piano in the lobby of The Mining Exchange.

President's Day was a bit normal and uneventful for us. Matt was up early as he was worked in Alamosa, CO for a couple days this week. While there was officially no school, we still saw tutors and had sport practices. We also had our Humane Society foster home inspection... more about that after we complete our foster training... NEXT month. Ha!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend Review - Last Swim Meet (For Now)

Another swim meet weekend!

The kids and I drove to Littleton Friday afternoon for Kate's evening swim. She swam the 200 backstroke and made her state cut (unfortunately Kate turns 13 the day the meet starts which makes her ineligible to swim). We grabbed a late bite with some other swimmers and headed to the hotel for the night. It was extra fun to have one of Kate's swim mates staying with us.

We were up early Saturday morning for the meet. Pretty routine, uneventful session.

We got home early afternoon with a quick turn around to get Jack to a piano lesson (he missed his normal time last week due to the flu). Kate planned and made a big veggie salad dinner for us, and afterwards we lit a fire and played a few rounds of Clue. Jack and I also worked on a puzzle while listening to our audiobook.

Woke early Sunday to snow and made the drive back up to the swim meet. Another fairly uneventful session. And the last of our family's short course season. We were home again by early afternoon, and all of us were tired. Spent the rest of Sunday unpacking, doing laundry, watching a movie, finishing the puzzle and doing some baking.

Matt had been skiing with friends in Utah since the middle of last week. He arrived home late afternoon - with the flu! I'm the only one to not fall victim to the bug... fingers crossed I don't get sick this week.

Also no photos again this weekend... I need to get on that!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Weekend Review - Super Bowl Weekend

(Apparently if you want something you've written to show up on your blog, you actually have to hit the "publish" button... so here's a late review of last weekend...)

This weekend felt odd because it *sorta* felt like we left Kate home alone for the weekend (although technically we did not). She had a birthday party sleepover Saturday night with friends and a Super Bowl party on Sunday evening, but the rest of us spent the weekend in the mountains.

Matt and Jack drove up to the mountains with Jack's friend Noah and his dad on Friday night. Saturday morning Noah's mom (my friend Kerri) and I drove up to join the boys. As soon as we got there, we changed and headed out to ski. The boys were already skiing, and we eventually met them for lunch and more skiing together.

Saturday night the tween boys were super excited to be left with pizza and computers while the adults had a double date. We ate way too much at an adorable little French restaurant Le Petit Paris.

Jack woke up sick on Sunday morning (no surprise as Kate officially had flu A the week before), so the dads went skiing, the moms stayed home doing a puzzle, and the boys did a bunch of nothing.
Jack & Tripper sleeping on the drive home
(I did a very poor job of taking photos last weekend!)
We listened to the first half of the Super Bowl on the drive home and watched the second half at home. I was so happy to see Kate when she came home after her party, and we all fell into bed early and

Friday, February 03, 2017

2017 Reading List - January

Finished in January: 10 (highlighted)
YTD: 10

Books I've Started and Want to Finish
Truly, Madly, Guilty
The Hoarder in You
12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Your Brain at Work
More or Less

The Red Tent
The Underground Railroad
'Til the Well Runs Dry
The Three-Year Swim Club
After You
A Game of Thrones
Olive Kitteridge
Life After Life
Pitch Dark
Youngblood Hawke
Seven Eves
Blue Remembered Earth
War and Peace
Miss Jane
The Nix
Imagine Me Gone
Behind Closed Doors

The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything
Love is Never Enough
New Seeds of Contemplation
Salt Sugar Fat
How We Do It
When Women Were Birds
Brain Chains
The Organized Mind
Raising Happiness
Why Isn't My Brain Working?
365 Days of Wonder
On Living
Always Know What to Say
Hillbilly Elegy
H is for Hawk

Children's Literature
Out of the Silent Planet
Watership Down
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Hattie Big Sky
Lord of the Deep
Missing May
Call it Courage

Added Books
Our Souls at Night
Born a Crime
Small Great Things
The Like Switch
Chasing Monarchs
The Shoemaker's Wife
The Summer Before the War
The Time Between
Lion (started this but then Kate took it to read)
Organizing From the Inside Out