Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Review - MLK

I love a long weekend!

Friday evening we headed towards the snow! Kids had swim practice while Matt and I loaded up for the mountains. I'm always amazed that a 2 night stay in the mountains requires as much stuff as a polar expedition!

We arrived at our mountain home late, and Matt was adamant as we went to bed that he was going to have the kids up and at the ski boot store when they opened at 8:30am so we could be on the lifts by mid-morning.

The kids didn't wake up until 9:30... we didn't get to the ski boot store until 11:30... we took our first lift at 3pm... !!!
Girls on the Lift
So Saturday, we ended up having a lovely, leisurely, late breakfast at a favorite spot in town. Kate needed new boots, so while Matt worked on that, Jack and I wandered home and took the dogs for a little snow hike.
Snow Romp
We geared up after a late lunch and *finally* got on the mountain for our first few runs of the season! Because of the late start, the lines and runs weren't overly crowded. Especially nice on a holiday weekend. Home for hot chocolate, snow play, and relaxing.
Jack & The Snowman
(He built this with
the drunk 30-somethings
staying a few doors down)
Met up with one of Matt's college friends and his extended family (who have become friends over the years) for a nice dinner out.

May have been a family snowball fight on the walk home...

Matt was up early Sunday morning to ski with his college buddy. Kids slept in LATE! I got a few lovely hours reading in front of the fireplace. Late morning, the dogs and I went for another snow hike. Had to cut it short because I found fresh moose tracks on the trail (later confirmed when we saw from the chairlift a big indention in the snow with moose scat right off the trail I was on). I love moose but have no intention of meeting one while hiking.
Moose Track
That afternoon, we went out skiing again as a family. Another short session, but it was really nice - not too cold with nice, soft snow. More hot chocolate then packed up and headed home.
Snow Dogs
Today was half holiday for us. Matt had to work, Jack still had homeschool tutoring and swim practice, and Kate spent much of the day working on her science fair project at a friend's house.

This afternoon in honor of MLK Day, we went to a matinee showing of Hidden Figures with another of Kate's friends and our math tutor (I know, seems random, but we adore JoAnn plus we knew she'd love the story being a female engineer & mathematician herself). So good! Just go see it.

Matt had a work dinner, so the kids and I went out for hamburgers and stopped at Williams Sonoma where I bought them out of clearance hot chocolate. If you can still find any, I highly recommend it! It's not powder but actual shaved chocolate. Blended with whole milk in my Breville frother - YUM -doesn't get much better than that!

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