Sunday, January 08, 2017

Weekend Review - 1/8/17

First full weekend of 2017.

Matt had to work early both Saturday and Sunday. The rest of us slept in both mornings. 

I mostly puttered around the kitchen on Saturday - made chili, French dip sandwiches, kale salad fixings, marinated chicken, caramel fudge brownies, and Texas caviar (last two dishes for a potluck). Kate went to a friend's house to work on their science fair project. Jack went to a friend's house to work on Legos.

Jack's first piano recital took place Saturday evening. It was a low key event at the teacher's home, and Jack did really well. Despite the potluck afterwards, we got home pretty early and finished up the evening drinking hot chocolate and playing Hearts.
Casual Recital
I have no idea where my Sunday morning went... it has disappeared into a haze of reading, minor chores, and mostly doing nothing. This afternoon was beautiful, and I took the dogs for a good jaunt along the creek. It was my first long walk since my eye surgery, and it felt so good!

This evening we went to see Rogue One. So great! I cried when I saw Princess Leia. I haven't been to a movie in months, and our theater has made some big changes. Seats are now all reserved, but the seats are now fancy recliners. I only wish I'd had a blanket to cozy up with!

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