Sunday, January 01, 2017

Fresh Start

I'm pretty happy to see 2017.

Our family had lots of fun and adventures in 2016 but also our fair share of struggles.
Kate's broken wrist
November - December was especially rough as I was recovering from eye surgery (my 3rd surgery this fall - LASIK complications - ugh!) that left me practically disabled for 6 weeks from the pain and discomfort. That experience seems to be clouding my opinion of all 2016.
The one-eyed wonder!
(I noticed while writing this post that I keep finding myself focusing on the not-so-good from the past year when really there is so much more good. Not really like me. I might need to make myself a 2016 
gratitude list!)

Ice skating cousins
2016 did wrap up quite nicely. My mom brought my niece and nephew to visit the week before Christmas. Then after a small family Christmas, we spent last week in Baja, Mexico.
Matching Jammies
We ended up home a day early due to storms and brought a miserable cold virus home with us. But Jack and I still stayed up until midnight last night. We welcomed in the new year snuggled in a quilt on the back porch watching fireworks explode at the top of Pike's Peak.
Off to the middle of nowhere
Today feels like a bonus since we were supposed to be traveling home and is mostly quiet. We had queso and Texas caviar (with good luck black eyed peas!) for lunch. One of Kate's good friends from out of town is staying with us for a few days. Matt took all the kids out to dinner and movie this evening.

I'm going to use my alone time to do some reflection and planning. I love doing that!

Planning to be on the blog more in 2017. Happy New Year!

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Wilfred Ingram said...

Looks like 2016 had it's good and bad, but seems to have ended on a good note for you (despite that cold). How is your eye doing now? I had LASIK a few years ago and suffered complications as well. I hope that all is well and that your 2017 is going much better for you and your family health-wise.

Wilfred Ingram @ ExcelEye