Monday, January 23, 2017

DayBook 1.23.17

Outside my window... a sunny Colorado day!  

I am hearing... Kate blowing her nose and Tripper scratching at the back door.

I am feeling... unmotivated.

I am thinking... that I need some vitamin D in the form of sunshine.

I am thankful for... HBO/Netflix/Amazon to entertain me when I'm folding mountains of laundry.

From the kitchen... I have NO IDEA what to make this week. Nothing really sounds good. Gah. I am going to try a whole chicken in the pressure cooker that I got for Christmas.

I am wearing... dark skinny jeans and pink, embroidered thermal tee. Hoping to be in running clothes later this morning.

I am creating... adults. That's what I keep telling myself when dealing with my kids. Teen/tween years are not easy!

I am going... to work on my 3:1 compliments to criticism ratio with the kids.

I am reading... most of the same things as last week. Not so much reading time lately. Olive Kitteridge and Intimacy as my fiction, Untangled as my nonfiction, and Lord of the Deep out loud to Jack. I did add Lion and the audiobook The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

I am hoping... that Kate feels better soon. She's home from school this morning. Considering going in this afternoon if she feels better.

Around the house... moving forward with a remodel, although still not convinced that it will actually happen. Planning to clean out children's books this week (I've been saying this for a few weeks now!)

In the garden... need to call tree trimming guys.

In the homeschool room... mid-winter slump. Lots of videos and audiobooks!

How I am exercising... slowly feeling more energy. Starting back with my personal trainer this week. Still haven't made it to Pilates. Running is still really difficult, but I'm slogging it out slowly.

A few plans for the week... monthly therapy appointment, tennis match, eye appointment, architect appointment, plus all our normal places to be

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