Monday, January 02, 2017

2017 Goal Guide

I'm not really sure how I want to do goals for 2017, so I decided just to brainstorm thoughts for what I might want to accomplish in different areas of life.

Finance - We are in a good place and want to stay there. Need/want to continue to monitor our spending, be mindful of our consumer habits, plan for big purchases and expenses, and meet our savings goals.
  • Continue to track spending using Mvelopes
  • Set saving goals with Matt
  • Revise will (this has been on my list for YEARS)
  • Figure out financing for kitchen remodel/master addition (not planning on anything too fancy but still a big project)
  • Set up a no-buy plan with Matt (we are thinking maybe buying on just certain days of the month or something like that)
  • Complete savings for a new vehicle for me (I've been slowly and steadily saving for awhile)
  • Start saving for mountain home remodel (probably still multiple years away)
  • Meet with financial planner for an overall review
Health/Fitness/Nutrition - This eye surgery really set me back with fitness (although I did lose about 10lbs from lack of appetite). I'm looking forward to getting back to regular activity but dreading those first couple weeks of working back up to running.
  • Back to Pilates 2x/week
  • Try 1-2 new Pilates studios
  • Start back to running
  • Try some fitness club classes
  • Use up pre-purchased personal training sessions
  • Monthly meal planner worksheets
  • Use up freezer food
  • Organize kitchen binder
  • Learn to use smoker/grill
  • Clean out cookbooks
  • Do a Green Smoothie Challenge
  • So a Step Bet challenge
Family & Friends
  • Figure out school for Jack
  • Schedule more 1:1 dates with kids
  • Be more proactive with some friends
  • Plan more time to spend with my niece and nephew
  • Plan activities for family reunion
  • Read 365 Days of Wonder with kids
Career/Personal Growth - I guess I've hit that stage of life where I'm starting to think about what I want to do as the kids become more independent. I'm hoping to make some real progress in 2017
  • Make plan for a possible new career path that has caught my attention
  • Think about RN refresher course
  • Sign up for volunteer training
  • Make a personal growth reading list for this year
  • Continue with therapist
  • Take DailyOm's class A Year to Clear What Is Holding You Back
Home & Garden - This could be a big year in our home. We've been working with an architect for plans to do a big kitchen remodel and add a master suite.
  • Kitchen remodel/Master addition
  • Create meditation path in side yard
  • Declutter & remodel basement
  • General/continual house decluttering
  • Plant Vegetable garden
  • Write seasonal plans and follow-up notes
Creativity/Pleasure - my sweet spot
  • Plan Spring Break
  • Plan Late Spring Trip
  • Plan Weekend Travel
  • Plan Summer Trip
  • Plan Texas family reunion trip
  • Set Reading Goal and make book list
  • Learn some woodworking
  • Plan out quilting projects

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