Wednesday, January 18, 2017

16 Great Things About 2016

I mentioned in my first post of this year that 2016 gave us our fair share of struggles. I have found myself (& weirdly other people) repeatedly focusing on that, and so I am making a list of 16 great things about 2016. Certainly not inclusive of every great thing in 2016 (and not in any particular order) but hoping it helps adjust my attitude...

1. Adding five baby chicks
to our little flock of backyard chickens

2. Spring break road trip to Pismo Beach, California
via some of Route 66

3. Kate being one of only 3 sixth graders
to make the school volleyball team

4. Girls' trip to Vancouver
with one of my dearest old friends and a new friend.


6. Learning to milk a goat

7. Trip to Tucson with kids

8. My niece and nephew coming 
to visit Colorado TWICE in one year

9. Dolphin tour from Newport Beach -
never seen such a huge dolphin pod!

10. Having a moose hang on the ski run
behind our mountain home

11. Three school snow days in a row!

12. Jack going to mountain bike camp
and loving his new sport

13. Planting and watching grow
the succulents gifted to me 

14. Kate making a state relay team
and the fun weekend trip in Grand Junction

15. Our summer fun in Minnesota/Wisconsin

16. Our end of the year trip to Baja

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