Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween Wrap Up

Another fun Halloween in the books. As Jack said last night, "The problem with holidays is that we have so much fun, but then it is all over so quick."

I find notes about holidays, seasons, events, etc. extremely helpful to reference later. With life being so full, it is easy to forget what worked well and what didn't from year to year. Or maybe I'm just getting old and forgetful!

Notes on Halloween 2016

  • Kate went as a creepy little girl. Jack was an assassin (heaven help me!). We didn't put much effort into costumes this year. Kate wore an old "doll" outfit from an American Girl party with scary makeup. We bought Jack an all black outfit from the Halloween store on the 30th. Costumes were low stress, but I'd like to start earlier next year.
  • I like spacing Halloween decoration placement. We put out autumn decorations in September. Added a few of the cute Halloween items the beginning of October. Added a few scarier ones plus the outside lights the week before Halloween. Finished the outside of the house (strobe light, tombstones, spiderwebs, etc) on Halloween day.
  • Our tradition is to carve pumpkins on Halloween Day. The squirrels don't eat them, and it gets us into the spirit during the early afternoon. With Kate's late school release, Jack and I picked out pumpkins early afternoon. Might need to consider getting pumpkins a day or two early so Kate can participate. Do like tradition of going to Spencer's for pumpkins, cider, apples, corn candy, etc.

  • I wish I had a few more Halloween decorations in the kitchen/family room area where we spend most of our time. Maybe next year I'll have a whole new kitchen & family room to decorate!

  • We gave out (or ate!) over 1000 pieces of candy this year. It was really fun to have the motion activated monster in the candy bowl!
  • The time between 4-6PM on Halloween is a bit stressful for me - trying to get dinner done, kids fed, costumes on, answer the door for the first few trick or treaters, etc. Need to think about how to make that easier.

  • We didn't go to Boo at the Zoo this year. I think it is the first time we've missed ever. We even spent Kate's first Halloween at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo because we were here for Matt's job interview. We missed mostly because we were traveling, but we could have gone Sunday night. Makes me wonder if we are outgrowing the event.
  • Kristen, LISTEN CLOSELY, do NOT buy any Halloween napkins. I don't care how cute they are. You have enough to last a lifetime in your Halloween storage box!!

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