Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oh, Hello, Blog

Did you think I forgot about you? I haven't. Life has just kept me on my toes this season.

I found out yesterday that I have to have eye surgery again next week. This will be my fourth eye surgery in 18 months, and the last one was just over 3 weeks ago.  Even though I was pretty certain I needed surgery again (because my vision is still so poor in that eye - I'm one of the teeny, tiny percentage of people who have complications from LASIK. Blah.), the actual news was still difficult to hear. And even though it is relatively minor in the realm of medical issues, I am still a bit bummed to need to go through it yet again.

I consider myself to be mostly an optimist/realist, but sometimes something will send me down the path of negative thinking. You know the one where all you can see is the things going wrong in life? That's where I started going yesterday, but I'm stopping myself and changing my thinking by focusing on all that's wonderful right now.

Some of the good that's happened in my life since I last blogged (in August!)...

 - My parents came for a week around Labor Day. My mom broke her arm and had to be casted (ok, that's not good, but it feels necessary to mention. And actually Kate thinks the casting and signing was exciting). We went fossil hunting. My dad made his specialty Butterfinger milkshakes (twice!). We went to the Rubber Duck Races - Jack's duck even won a prize!
Fossil hunting
I coud have done this for hours!

My girl
Duck race
- My sister and her friend stopped though town and stayed a night with us. Fit a decent amount into a short visit.
Garden of the Gods
- I took a goat cheese making class. Got to milk a goat. Now I *really* want a goat.
I was a natural milker!
Goat kisses
- My new hens started laying  (well, 3 of the 5 did... still waiting on the Americanas. Apparently they are often late layers. So impatient for those colored eggs!).
- Jack and I went to California with friends for a long weekend. I got an afternoon to sit on the beach, soak up the sun, and put my toes in the waves. Then we went on a whale & dolphin watching tour - small boat and up close experience. I even got to smell whale breath!
- Attended MINECON with Jack. Pretty sure I'll be getting a Mother of the Year award for that effort.
See me in my Minecraft shirt?!?
- Turned 4-4. Wow. Had a great meal with a great friend as we watched the sun set over the ocean.
It's just not my birthday if there aren't
candy corn pumpkins on the cake!

 - Went on a ranger guided elk bugling tour at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (I live for that stuff...)
Look at the Aspen leaves!
 - Took a short trip on my own to Dallas to see my mom and my brother and my niece and nephew. Love those ones.
Auntie Date

I am also so grateful that my life is full of so many little, delightful, barely-worth-mentioning, will-they-even-be-remebered moments - movies on the couch with kids, seeing the succulents reproducing, quiet reading together, making carmel corn, inside jokes, snuggles, quilting time, holding newborns, buying a new bedspread, chicken and dumplings, snuggles with pets... I could go on and on!
Tripper Love

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Jacquelyn Hart said...

You and my husband both have the worst luck! My husband is also one of those rare people who suffered complications from LASIK, so I understand what you're going through! Your family though, is absolutely beautiful! I hope your Mom's arm gets better soon and you recover quickly, to get back to enjoying the people who matter the most! Good luck to you!

Jacquelyn Hart @ Find Clarity Vision