Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend Review - 1st of School Year

Friday was the first day of school for Kate, so this was officially our first weekend of the school year. Matt worked Friday and Saturday nights but still found time to get in on the fun.
First Day of School Photo
Kate and 3 of her school friends celebrated the first day of school with a campout in the backyard. There was candy and chips and cookies and a huge thunderstorm and even a little brother trying to scare them with mountain lion noises on YouTube.
Camping Gals
 Saturday night we went to see Pete's Dragon at the Drive In movie theater in Pueblo. So fun!
Ready to watch the movie
Drive-In Movie Sunset
(This was done with the app Prisma - really cool - learned about it from Amy)
Sunday was the swim team's annual trip to Water World in Denver. Perfect, hot day to be there. I love waterparks, but I'm sorta glad we only go once a year.
Jack working on his moves

Naturally everyone is crazy tired (& crazy cranky!), so we are all getting in bed crazy early tonight!

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