Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Goal Wrap Up

I know summer doesn't officially end for over a month, but since school started last week, it is a good time for me for fresh starts. Pretty happy with the progress I made on goals this summer (except for quilting). I'm starting to think about what I'd like to accomplish the next few months. Probably won't start any official goals for another few weeks.

  • Maintain Mvelopes - DONE
  • Review midyear finances with Matt - DONE - reviewed, moved some stuff around, set some goals, discussed some bigger spending
  • Participate in neighborhood garage sale - DONE - did well but may be my last garage sale, although I said that a few garage sales ago
  • Set up backyard hammock - DONE
  • Plant summer garden - DONE
  • Plant lavender and rhubarb plants - DONE - rhubarb is thriving, lost one lavender plant and another is looking not-so-good
  • Trim back lilac bushes - DONE - for this year anyway, I'd like to hack some more but then I'll be cutting off next years blooms
  • Plant around front tree - DONE
  • Plan a second eating area in the back yard - DONE - although I changed this to just a sitting area
  • Figure out what to do to deter wasps - DONE - these have done well, need to get some new ones
  • Clean out the homeschool room and potentially set up as a sitting room - DONE
  • Plant window box flowers - next summer...
  • Learn to use smoker grill - not yet
  • 2016 Reading Challenge - DONE - or rather on target, have read 56 books this year with a goal of 60
  • Complete 3 quilts this summer - I only got one top done. Maybe I'll move into super mode the next couple weeks.
  • Work on daily routines - nope, might work on this the next few weeks before I set autumn goals
  • Complete Upstream Field Guide class - nope
  • Sign up for goat cheese making class - nope
  • Blog more - DONE - not as well as I had hoped, but better
  • Plan 1:1 dates with kids at least every other week - this didn't go as well as I had envisioned, although I did get to spend some quality time with each one
  • Don't go insane driving them everywhere they need to be all summer - I haven't been institutionalized but I do feel like I spent a good deal of my time in the car
  • Join library summer reading program - DONE
  • Bake bread at least weekly - not once. Boo.
  • Make a list of summer meals - DONE
  • Maintain weekly Pilates class - DONE - weekly while we were in town and nothing was going on
  • Try a new yoga class - DONE - I went to one in Vancouver
  • Maintain 2x/week bootcamp workout - nope - did so well at first but I'm finding it hard to get up that early
  • Choose, train and run a 5K - no, no no
  • Do the 30 Day Green Smoothie challenge - missed it, will try for the Oct 1st challenge
  • Make and complete summer hiking bucket list - made the list, but didn't hike as much as I hoped
  • Make and complete summer restaurant bucket list - calling this DONE - we didn't go to every restaurant, but I loved having a list to reference when we wanted to go out
  • Make and complete summer outing bucket list - DONE - as above, we didn't actually do everything on the list, but it helped us get out and try some things we've wanted to do
  • Go camping - DONE (technically) - we camped at a music festival but I was thinking more wilderness camping

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