Thursday, August 25, 2016

Room By Room

I mentioned that I feel like my house needs a bit of fine tuning. It isn't a disaster, but there are just a bunch of little, undone tasks that I'd like to get finished. I don't want to tackle too much or make any major changes since we are looking at a remodel in the next year or so. Just get some of the routine decluttering and finishing jobs accomplished. Let's see how much I can get done!

  • Make & hang pallet hooks
  • Hang L's or other wall decor over pallet hooks
  • Update photos on family photo wall
  • Clean out/organize cabinet
  • Hang wall decor in rest of room
  • Paint banister
Hall Closet
  • Clean out/organize coats
  • Hang hooks for backpacks
  • Clean out whatever other junk is in there (this is a closet that slopes back under the stairs, so the back tends to easily collect junk)
Powder Room
  • Organize cabinet
  • Get a real wastebasket
  • Buy handtowels
Desk Nook
  • Move big computer monitor somewhere (we don't use it as a computer but it might be nice as a smaller TV somewhere)
  • Clean off shelves
  • Clean off desk
  • Declutter drawers/clean out files
  • Hang wall decor
  • Move standing files to desk
Master Bedroom
  • Move armoire
  • Buy full length mirror
  • Update bedding
  • Clean out bench storage
  • Move Tripper's crate
  • Clean out bedside table
  • Tidy up bookshelves
Guest Room
  • Hang wall decor
  • Buy cute desk chair
Kids' Bathroom (this room needs SO MUCH work but is targeted for the remodel, just going to make do with what we have right now)
  • Clean out wall cabinet (this is another deep, awkward space over back stairs that easily collects junk)
  • Clean out sink cabinet
Other Rooms
  • Tidy up bookshelves in family room
  • Clean out dining room hutch
  • Hang wall decor in living/dining rooms

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