Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Homeschool Plan - 6th Grade - September

We really went back and forth about what to do with Jack and school for this upcoming year. After 4 full years of homeschooling, I'm getting a little tired (yet I still love it. Mixed feelings, I guess). I was also surprised at how much more difficult it was to homeschool just Jack last year with Kate back in public school.

So we looked at a bunch of options, talked to our trusted ones, and decided just in the last couple weeks to homeschool again this year. Only I am going to outsource much more of the work and attempt to simplify what I do. I'm really happy with what we are pulling together.

I originally was going to write out a year long plan, but I know well enough how homeschooling works in our household to know that we won't stick to a plan that long. So I'm going to go month to month again in my planning

Tutor - 3x/week - reading, spelling, writing
Paragraph Basics - online writing class with Scribblers
Independent Reading - Gregor the Overlander series
Reading Aloud - finish Heart of a Samurai, then Ivanhoe
Read Grammarland

Tutor - 3x/week - she's reviewing and switching us to Singapore Math
Read Sir Cumference series
Life of Fred - Honey

The Story of the World - volume 2 - start at beginning to review but work through fairly quickly
Library books & videos related to history subjects

Experiment packets
Hovercraft Making - 1 day coop program
Homeschool Science - monthly library program
MINECON - oh, yeah... we are going...!!!

Waldorf Homeschool Program - 1day/week
Keyboarding Without Tears
Speech Therapy - 2x/week includes writing lessons
Piano - TBD
Swim Team - 3-4x/week
Learn to Draw - 1 day library program
Dock Diving - TBD

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