Monday, August 22, 2016

DayBook 8.22.16

Outside my window... another beautiful Colorado morning. Really, Colorado does late summer mornings really well. It's already starting to get pretty chilly at night which makes the morning crisp but sunny. 

I am hearing... family walking around upstairs, hum of the fridge, and the butter chicken simmering on the stove

I am feeling... a little out of control. Don't yet have a handle on life since coming back from vacation and starting back to school. Feels like I'm missing something!

I am thinking... that I need to buy Jack some new pants! He's growing and his ankles show in all his pants!

I am thankful for... tan lines. I know I'm not supposed to worship the sun, but I feel so good with all that vitamin D!

From the kitchen... I've been killing it. Made butter chicken last week that everyone LOVED. Also braised turkey legs for Vancouver tacos. The cabbage/kale/carrot slaw that goes in them is good enough to eat plain! I think we'll have salmon cakes with kale salad tonight. Also summer corn & ham soup and flank steak later this week.

I a wearing... black leggings, old t-shirt that I slept in, old comfy cardigan, and my fuzzy slippers. I'm a sight!

I am creating... a baby quilt. Really want to finish it this week!!

I am going... to take a shower in a few minutes. I desperately need one!

I am reading... Being Mortal - started this on our vacation drive but just now getting back to finishing it. Started & finished Don't Hurt Laurie. I was reading this book in my 5th grade classroom and didn't get to finish it when we moved to Texas. I've been wondering how it ends for 35 years! Finally spent the $4 to buy an old copy on Amazon.

I am hoping... to organize the house room by room this fall. None of it is awful but it feels like it needs to be fine tuned (or as close as it can be with 3 other people living in my house!)

Around the house... met with an architect on Friday. So excited to make some changes! 

In the garden... cut back the kale last week, so it's starting to sprout up again. Zucchini galore. Herbs galore. Need to do something with chard. Pulled the last of the carrots

In the homeschool room... gotta start working on the upcoming year this week and next. Need to do some review and test Jack soon.

How I am exercising... not much the last week. Thought I'd be back to a normal routine this week, but Pilates was cancelled this morning. Hopefully I'll drag myself out of bed for Bootcamp later this week. And start back to running. Ugh.

A few plans for the week... meeting with a math tutor, orthodontist appointments, open houses, tennis, pretty much back to the routine.

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