Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend Review

It has been a full weekend around here. I just wish I had taken more photos!

Kate had a sleepover with friends on Friday evening. They dressed up and modeled (oh, I so remember doing that when I was 12... I have photos somewhere but they are way too embarrassing to ever share!). Jack had a sleepover with a friend at our house. They entertained each other while I got ready for the garage sale.
Pretty girl!
Up early Saturday for our neighborhood garage sale. So many people and so much haggling. I kinda hate it and kinda love it. Always a good time to connect with all our neighbors. We got rid of a ton of stuff, and made over $1K! Now the goal is to not re-accumulate...

I was exhausted after the garage sale, and Matt was working Saturday evening. The kids and I sat around reading and watching TV. It felt so so good to be lazy!

Matt worked Sunday morning, and the rest of us went to a swim birthday party for our friend/neighbor turning 4. I had a tennis drill Sunday afternoon while Jack had a playdate with a friend. Sunday evening we had a family dinner with the same friends/neighbors. I brought a great kale salad (with kale from the garden! Left out the apples but still great) and made a raspberry walnut birthday cake that was as yummy as it was pretty.
Pretty Yummy!
Today is also my friend Michelle's birthday and my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. Special day in many ways.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend also.

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