Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Review

If I can turn blogging into a routine, I'll often blog more. So I am going to try to post a weekend review on Sunday nights. Let's see how it goes!

Matt worked late Friday evening, so after Jack's swim practice, I took the kids to Josh & John's for ice cream (and called it dinner!). We ate it at a local pond while watching bunches of goslings and a newly hatched set of ducklings. So cute.

Saturday morning we escaped to our place in the mountains. There is always a lot of relaxing downtime up there, but we managed to fit in a few outings. We took a Saturday afternoon hike to Lily Pad Lake with the dogs,
See Tripper?
and Saturday night we went to The Speakeasy to watch Finding Dory. Big debate in our family whether it is better than Finding Nemo - adults like the original, kids like the new.

We also took a family mountain bike ride on Sunday. The boys loved the ride, the girls tolerated it (barely!). The post-ride smoothies at LoLo Juice soothed us before making the trek home.
Jack fixing his bike
How could we not love this?!?

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