Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Goals Review

Since it is now officially summer, I thought it a good time to review my summer goals. I set these just over 3 weeks ago so I am pretty satisfied with my progress. Planning on reviewing again in 2-3 more weeks. Hoping that more frequent reviews will remind me to keep making progress.

  • Maintain Mvelopes - ongoing - so far, so good, although I am behind this week
  • Review midyear finances with Matt - to be done in July
  • Participate in neighborhood garage sale - next weekend! I've got piles and piles in the basement ready to get out
  • Set up backyard hammock - DONE and being enjoyed
  • Plant summer garden - DONE and growing rapidly
  • Plant lavender and rhubarb plants - DONE although I planted the lavender in a different spot than originally planned & I replanted the rhubarb a few times because I couldn't figure out where I wanted it!
  • Trim back lilac bushes - a little. It's a neighbor issue.
  • Plant front porch containers - DONE - looks good
  • Plant around front tree - DONE
  • Plan a second eating are in the back yard - I altered this and got a sectional outdoor couch and coffee table. It looks great, and I'm so happy with it
  • Figure out what to do to deter wasps - we've hung up a few of these traps, and they are definitely catching lots of wasps. It feels like there are fewer roaming the yard. The traps have caught no honeybees (which was my great fear) but they did get a few ladybugs and one butterfly - that was DEVASTATING to me - so we've moved them to an area that doesn't see much butterfly action
  • Clean out the homeschool room and potentially set up as a sitting room - DONE - literally moved everything out of the homeschool room and only put back what we wanted/needed. Feels so much lighter. Moved a couple chairs to see how I like it as a sitting room.
  • Plant window box flowers - this might get put off until next summer
  • Learn to use the new grill/smoker - not yet, still solely Matt's territory
  • 2016 Reading Challenge - so far this year, I've read 43 books out of goal of 60 books 
  • Complete 3 quilts this summer - I have 3 quilt tops done that need to be basted and quilted, and another top in progress; need to make time to figure out my new sewing machine
  • Work on daily routines - nope
  • Complete Upstream Field Guide class - nope
  • Sign up for my goat cheese making class - nope, but I looked up the phone number
  • Blog more - a bit better?
  • Plan 1:1 dates with kids at least every other week - I have not been intentional with this, but it has worked out that I've had some good alone time with each
  • Don't go insane driving them everywhere they need to be all summer - FAIL! :) But we scheduled most of our busyness in the first couple weeks of June. Things slow down a bit from here (in a good, intentional way), although I'm still driving to swim practice twice a day. Even though it is less than 10 minutes to the pool, the drive is already getting old.
  • Join library summer reading program - DONE - Jack has been good about tracking his books, but I think Kate is feeling that the program (despite being geared for teens) is below her

  • Bake bread at least weekly - no, but I'm going to mix up some dough tomorrow
  • Make a list of favorite summer meals - I've thought about it, and I've been going through old cookbooks
  • Maintain weekly Pilates class - so far, so good. Thinking I want to add a second class.
  • Try a new yoga class - not yet
  • Maintain 2x/week bootcamp workout - I've run hot & cold with going. 6am is just so early!
  • Choose, train and run a 5K - nope, but I've been running more regularly
  • Do the 30 Day Green Smoothing challenge - starts July 1
  • Make and complete summer hiking bucket list - Made the list, but we haven't made much progress on it. Kate's morning swim practice and Jack's evening swim practice take up prime hiking time. Might have to adjust this goal.
  • Make and complete summer restaurant bucket list - Made this list and have been proactive about trying some new restaurants. However, I think we would have to eat out twice a day all summer to actually cross off all the places I put on the list! But the real goal is to get out and try some new places.
  • Make and complete summer outing bucket list - Made the list and making an effort to get some things done. Again, the first few weeks of June are the busiest of our summer, so we'll make more progress on the bucket list in the coming months.
  • Go camping - we camped at the Meadowgrass Music Festival, but I'm not sure I want to count that.

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