Monday, June 13, 2016

DayBook 6.13.16

Outside my window... I am sitting at the dining table on our back porch. Table umbrella up casting a shadow and a red glow on me. Clouds are building in the mountains. I think we are under a tornado watch. Difficult to believe with the sun and clear sky straight above.

I am hearing... dim highway noise, a plane flying over, the neighbors water fountain, birds from all directions.

I am thinking... that I want to do a weekend trip this summer. I just don't know when. Or where.

I am thankful for... for YouTube! Learning how to use my new sewing machine.

From the kitchen... yesterday I made those banana muffins I mentioned last week. A few dozen in the freezer and a few on the counter. I made a double batch of monster cookies this morning. Baked a dozen and am freezing the rest of the dough. Trying not to munch on it too much. Made our favorite Greek salad pasta with some grilled chicken for dinner last night. No idea what I want to make for tonight.  Maybe BLTs with baby greens thinned from the garden. If so, I need to go to the store for a good heirloom tomato!

I am wearing... boyfriend jeans with a hole in the knee, and flowered lace cami & a white t-shirt. Comfy yet presentable.

I am creating... a few quilts. I have 2 tops that need basting and quilting. Not doing anything fancy so it should go quickly. I want to have a pile of quilts to hand bind on our road trip this summer.

I am going... to get up into the mountains soon. I haven't been in the high country for months. I need some thin air!

I am reading... The Dog Stars. Just started. Really enjoying it as so far it taking place in Colorado and mentions places I know. Finished listening to The Hummingbird's Daughter. Loved it. The author is the narrator and does a superb job.

I am hoping... for an early bedtime tonight.

Around the house... decluttering slowed down the last week as family life picked back up. Our new outdoor couch arrived, and I must admit it looks great on our back porch. Want to hang string lights over the porch.

In the garden... beans are up, lettuce is going wild. Thinned a little this morning as a treat for the chickens. Rainbow chard is looking a little sad - almost like it has gotten too much water?? Hoping it recovers with little intervention. A friend brought me 3 huge buckets of succulents (mostly hens & chicks) that I planted around the hot tub and other random places around the yard. Some are looking well, others not. Will be interesting to see where they thrive.

In the homeschool room... nada this week, other than our routine reading.

How I am exercising... had 6am Pilates this morning. Planning on 6am bootcamp tomorrow and Thursday. Ran twice this weekend and hoping for a few runs this week. I'm finally feeling over that back-at-it hump where running isn't quite as miserable.

A few plans for the week... Kate comes home from her Phoenix travel swim meet (gosh I've missed her!), Jack is doing a Lego stop motion class, I have just one tennis match (but possibly singles - ugh), swim practice for both kids, beach volleyball for Kate

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