Tuesday, June 07, 2016

DayBook 5.7.16

Outside my window... I am sitting on my front porch enjoying the sun coming up. I love my neighborhood. There is so much activity even in the early morning. Walkers, runners, bikers.

I am hearing... squirrels chattering away at Tripper, birds singing from all directions on my tree lined street, 

I am thinking... about the driver at Costco yesterday who wanted my parking spot. She waited with her turn signal on while I loaded my purchases into the car. This wouldn't be that odd except that there were plenty of empty spots. The spots on either side of me were empty as were multiple spots across from my car. Only thing I can think of is that she loves winking tree (I can't find my old picture of my favorite tree. I'll take another.) as much as I do.

I am thankful for... this big oaf of a dog sitting next to me. Even if he smells bad and needs a bath.

From the kitchen... not so much lately. Matt was working out of town last night, so I just made the kids their favorite dirty rice. I did bake some giant cowboy cookies last night (I'm eating one for breakfast right now!), and I *need* to make some banana muffins - I have a whole bunch turning brown.

I am wearing... athletic pants, a tank top (that I slept in), and my Patagonia better sweater jacket (I just remembered I dreamed about this jacket last night. Weird.)

I am creating... not much. See around the house. But I did treat myself to a new sewing machine. She's supposed to be speedy for piecing. Can't wait to try her out.

I am going... to get my first CSA box this week. I'm doing a local honey and cheese share also. Excited about that.

I am reading... some of the same. Haven't made the time to sit and read the last few weeks. I did listen to both Mr. Churchill's Secretary (disappointing because I thought it was historical fiction based on a true story because I didn't read the summary - oh, well - it was an easy listen to pass the time cleaning) and Still Alice while I worked on the house over the weekend. I really want to finish Untangled before I have to return it to the library. Still reading The Gazebo - but just one short chapter a night. Trying to get into The Hummingbird's Daughter but it's slow going right now.

I am hoping... that I'm not missing too many texts. I know of a few times this last week where someone sent a text that I didn't receive. Problem is that I don't know if I'm not getting one! I think I need a new phone...

Around the house... Whoa! I've been working so hard on the house. With the whole family gone over the weekend, I completely cleaned out the homeschool room, the pantry, multiple kitchen cabinets, a few corners in the living & dining rooms, and my sewing room. I literally took *everything* out of each room/cabinet, cleaned, rearranged furniture, sorted, and carefully curated. Hoping to do this to most of the house over the next few weeks.

In the garden... watering and patiently watching things grow. I need to thin the lettuce (& eat the baby greens!). I have a few lavender plants that I need to put in. Probably today. I am also dreaming up plans for our side yard. I think I want to make it a meditation path/garden. Hmmmm.... may be a project for next summer!

In the homeschool room... not much work being done this week. Next week we'll do some projects and outings.

How I'm exercising... I *should* be at bootcamp this morning but instead I'm writing. Needed a quiet morning. I was thinking I'd run later this morning, but then I remembered I have to wait for a delivery. If it's really hot later, I'll just take Tripper for a long walk.

One of my favorite things... early mornings.

A few plans for the week... it's a full week for the kids, thus a full week for me! Jack is doing a mountain biking camp with a friend; Kate leaves for her first solo travel swim meet (yikes - I can't believe I'm putting my baby on a plane!); expecting a few big deliveries; I have tennis, bootcamp, a haircut, yoga.

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