Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day in My Summer Life

6am Alarm goes off, hit snooze
6:15 Alarm goes off again, text friend about running this morning, get up, put on running clothes, brush teeth, etc.
6:30 Go downstairs, turn on audiobook (The Dog Stars - really enjoying it but I like apocalyptic novels), mix batter for a blueberry lemon oven pancake, pull out some frozen monster cookie dough balls to defrost
7am Leave for run with my friend/neighbor
8:10 Back from run, turn on big oven for puff pancake, turn on toaster oven for cookies, get kids moving, pack a lunch for Kate, put cookies and pancake in oven, ask kids to feed dogs/chickens and empty the dishwasher, make bed, change into tennis clothes
8:35 Eat breakfast
8:45 Leave with Kate for swim practice
9am Drop Kate off at the Olympic Training Center, drive home listening to my audiobook
9:10 Arrive home, eat another serving of breakfast, gather tennis stuff
9:20 Leave to take Jack to his Lego stop motion movie class
9:30 Arrive at tennis courts, see that they are locked, call friend to change courts, drive to new court, chat with pickle ball players just leaving
9:45 Play singles with friend
11:20 Drive downtown to meet Kate & friends at Uncle Wilbur and deliver the lunch that Kate forgot
11:35 Pick up Jack from his class (late!)
11:40 Arrive home, check on chickens (Kate said one of the chicks didn't look so well this morning, but she seems fine now), pull a few weeds and cover compost (looks like the raccoons got in it last night!) before going inside, eat the rest of the blueberry lemon oven pancake (it is so good - I should post the recipe), make a cup of tea, read a bit of news online (some of today's local news is related to Matt's job), read/answer a few emails, talk to Matt, tidy up the kitchen, sort the mail, talk tennis on the phone with friend/team captain
1:30PM Hang new front door wreath, water front porch pots, start planting remainder of succulents that were given to me
1:35 Neighbor stops by with her dog, let dogs play, chat about gardening
1:45 Kate brought home by friends, visit with them for a bit
2:15 Text Jack's friend's mom about getting together to play this afternoon, finish planting succulents, notice Virginia creeper has taken over behind the garage, attack that mess of invasive weed
2:45 Drop iPhone on paver and shatter the face. Really wanted to wait for the new iPhone 7 to come out before getting a new phone. Guess not. Argh. Finish disposing of a bunch of the Virginia creeper (hate that stuff!)
3PM Take a shower
3:30 Start a load of laundry, make a tea, chat with Matt on the phone
3:45 Take a nap/rest on the hammock - listen to my audiobook while kids & animals rotate through swinging with me
4:30 Send Jack off on his bike to meet friends at the Tastee Freeze
4:35 Send Kate off on her bike to a friend's house, get back in the hammock to extend my rest (!!)
5:00PM Finish audiobook, see UPS drop off packages, realize it is my new bistro set, assemble one of the chairs
5:15 Jack arrives home with two friends
5:30 Kate arrives home from her friend's house
5:40 Start pulling out dinner, realize that I forgot to pick up my CSA share, rush out to get that
5:50 Pick up my CSA share plus a friend/neighbor's share - garlic scapes, spinach, beets, romaine, radishes, thyme, quinoa plus honey & cheddar (I opted into the honey & cheese CSA); quickly drive home
6PM Realize that what I pulled out of the freezer yesterday thinking it was a marinated flank steak is actually one of Matt's briskets. Argh. Quickly change dinner plans. Start browning ground bison and put water on to boil for a spaghetti dinner; take out recycling, unload & start prepping CSA veggies
6:15 Take beet greens and old lettuce out to chickens, gather two eggs
6:20 Pull out trays in dehydrator, start cutting garlic scapes to dry, chat briefly with friend/neighbor stopping by to pick up her CSA share
6:30 Call kids to eat dinner, send Jack's friends home, gobble a little spaghetti
6:40 Leave to take Kate to dryland strength training
7PM Drop Kate off and go to Costco to pick up a few things, chat with an acquaintance that I run into
7:25 Done at Costco and feeling bored, walk around Steinmart, find nothing and feel a bit overwhelmed by the masses of "stuff," drive over to park & wait for Kate, walk around the strip shopping center a bit
7:50 Watch sunset over the mountains
8PM Sit outside on bench reading while waiting for Kate to finish up
8:15 Drive home with Kate, unload Costco purchases, feed Jack a second dinner,
8:30 Send kids up to get ready for bed & read, finish putting together bistro set & clean up
9PM Tidy up the house, clean up dinner in kitchen, move laundry from washer to dryer, say goodnight to both kids, surf the internet for a little news, call Matt to find out when he might be home
9:45 Head upstairs to get ready for bed, change, brush teeth, sneak in to kiss my sleeping girl, snuggle with the boy who has climbed in my bed to fall asleep, read a couple chapters of a novel, turn off the light, and fall almost instantly to sleep!

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