Monday, May 30, 2016

DayBook 1.30.16

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you are having a fun filled weekend. For years and years, we always spent this next week camping in Utah. We haven't done it for a couple years (since Uncle Mark retired), and while I miss it, I am enjoying the time for different experiences. Last year we were in Punta Cana and this year we were at the Meadowgrass Music Festival (I could see us making the music fest our new annual event - super fun). At Meadowgrass I ran into likely my most loyal blog reader (hi, Danny!) which inspired me to get back to blogging. Inspiration doesn't necessarily mean execution for me, so we'll see how this goes. I am much better at Instagram, so you can always check out a bit of what's going on over there.

Outside my window... I'm sitting in our homeschool room with a view out across the snow covered peak. Not a cloud in the sky. Last week I moved my hummingbird feeder to this window but no action so far.I am hearing... birds twittering. And if I listen closely, I can hear our 7 week old chicks peeping in the chicken run.I am feeling...optimistic about summer.

I am thinking...  about how full the next two weeks are for our family.

I am thankful for... for friends that you can invite over for dinner last minute.

From the kitchen... last night we had a great dinner. Steaks and zucchini on the grillwe've made the switch a wood pellet smoker/grill - went with a MAK and can't say enough good things about it, carmelized onions, crab legs, couscous caprese salad (I've been making this for over 15 years and everyone always loves it), this kale salad (minus the currants - this was a new recipe for me and everyone loved it). I think this morning I'll try a blueberry lemon oven pancake.

I am wearing... grey hiking pants (that I love and maybe, just maybe, have been wearing all weekend), and an old, grey striped tunic tee shirt that I slept in. And my fuzzy slippers. It's an all around good look.

I am creating... my first low volume quilt. Really excited to see how it is going to turn out. Hoping to have the quilt top finished by this time next week.

I am going... to get a pedicure today.

I am reading... The Gazebo. Eh. It's a quick read that I'm enjoying, but I don't think it is going to be Bridges of Madison County (which makes me cry just thinking about). I've got a bunch of half read nonfiction books, but the last few weeks haven't afforded me much opportunity to sit and read. I'm listening to Thrive as I go through the day. You can always check in on what else I'm reading on Goodreads. 

I am hoping... that the movie Me Before You is as good as it looks. I loved the book, and I can NOT WAIT to see the movie.

Around the house... I am sprucing up our outdoor spaces. We have a new hammock and stand (we lost our hammock tree a couple years ago) and a new outdoor seating area. I got new pillows for our front porch seating and have my eye on a lounger to put in a sunny corner of the front porch. I am also in major house declutter mode.

In the garden... my raised bed is mostly planted. Still have to put in the basil, but nights have been a little cool. Maybe this weekend. It really helped to read my garden thoughts from last year. I have a spot under my office window where a sage plant has been thriving. I planted a few other varieties more for show than use. I also planted two rhubarb plants. Wishing I had done this years ago.

In the homeschool room... slowing down with formal work. Going to keep progressing in math through the summer. I still need to test Jack - probably in July. Outings will just increase with summer, and I have a few projects planned. Currently we are reading Heart of a Samurai together. Really loving it.

How I'm exercising... 6am Pilates on Mondays (although not today), 6 am Bootcamp Tuesdays and Thursdays (took the last 2 weeks off with school ending - will start back tomorrow), tennis a few times a week. Really, really, really want to start running more. Have plans to go tomorrow morning.

One of my favorite things... my new zip tablecloth for the round umbrella table

A few plans for the next week: So full! We have friends staying with us the next 2 nights; Matt is off most of the week; summer swim practice starts today - feels like we'll be swimming all day, everyday; dock diving practice for Jack & Tripper; sign up for library summer reading program; USTA tennis match for me; girls' night out for me; Matt & Jack are going to Austin for a few days; Kate is going to Salida with a group of girlfriends; plus I'd like to do an outing or two from our summer outing list

Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Goals

Today is the first day of summer vacation for us! School ended yesterday (for Kate - lucky Jack gets to do some work over the summer to make up for some less than stellar homeschool weeks), and we are looking forward to a few months of fun. But still like to have a loose guide as to what I'd like to accomplish over the next few months (note that there is no spring goal review... I just did "eh" on most of it).


  • Maintain Mvelopes - ongoing - doing well so for this year
  • Review midyear finances review - beginning of July
  • Participate in neighborhood garage sale - the end of June - I'd like to do a major declutter in every room of the house - I've even made a June calendar schedule to declutter all rooms
  • Set up backyard hammock - already ordered!
  • Plant summer garden - mostly done except for basil (still a bit early here to put it out)
  • Plant lavender and rhubarb plants
  • Trim back lilac bushes
  • Plant front porch containers - plants and potting soil purchased, just need to do it
  • Plant around front tree - sorta cheating because this is already DONE!
  • Plan a second eating area in backyard - we've outgrown our outdoor dining table with guests
  • Figure out what to do to deter wasps
  • Plant window box flowers
  • Clean out homeschool room and potentially set up as a sitting room
  • Learn to use the new grill/smoker
  • 2016 Reading Challenge - 32 of 60 goal books read - plan to get a lot of summer reading done!
  • Complete 3 quilts this summer - hope to have tops completed and quilted so I can hand sew the bindings on our road trip
  • Work on daily routines
  • Complete Upstream Field Guide class - I got it in a package deal
  • Sign up for my goat cheese making class
  • Blog more...
  • Plan 1:1 dates with kids at least every other week
  • Don't go insane driving them everywhere they need to be all summer! :)
  • Join library summer reading program
  • Bake bread at least weekly (I really want to be doing this but always forget!!)
  • Make list of favorite summer meals
  • Maintain weekly Pilates class
  • Try a new yoga class
  • Maintain 2x/week bootcamp workout
  • Choose, train and run a 5K
  • Do the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge - we always love trying the new recipes - won't be able to do all 30 days because of vacation, but we'll do our best
  • Make and complete summer hiking bucket list
  • Make and complete summer restaurant bucket list
  • Make and complete summer outing bucket list
  • Go camping!