Friday, April 01, 2016

Spring 2016 Goals

  • Maintain Mvelopes (ongoing)
  • Update will & estate documents - need to review paperwork with Matt and make appointment with lawyer
  • Finish family room projects - bookshelves, art above TV, lamp for reading chair, shelf arrangement
  • Update Jack's room - rug, hem and hang curtains, clean off bookshelf, hooks on doors, extensions cord by desk, hang shelf, find/hang hooks for Minecraft weapons (did I just type that?!?)
  • Coat closet clean up
  • Make final decisions for basement renovation and potential start
  • Make kitchen remodel decisions 
  • Participate in neighborhood garage sale - and continue to declutter massively for it!
  • Clean out/organize garage so 2 cars can be parked inside
  • Plant cool weather vegetable garden
  • Plant summer garden
  • Make a back yard to do list - plant lavender, plant pots, plant ground cover, fix concrete bench, plant in flower box
  • Spruce up front porch - fill pots, get lounge chair for south corner, get small coffee table for sitting area, porch swing?
  • Declutter and organize holiday decor
  • Massive clean up & out of homeschool room
  • Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge - goal of 60 books in 2016
  • Don't click gossip news/fishing links (ongoing)
  • Pledge with Matt & kids to not text as the driver, to make all calls hands-free, and to limit in town calls to less than 2 minutes (ongoing)
  • Set morning and evening routines for myself
  • Stay organized about life projects - continue to use my Get to Work Book or find another system to organize in a Getting Things Done style
  • Plan summer activities/possible camps
  • Plan 1:1 dates with each child monthly
  • Sign up for music lessons with Jack
  • Either work to a fast(er) 5K or a 10K - TBD
  • Maintain Pilates workouts 1-2x/week & plan how to maintain after school is out
  • Maintain current strength training workout & plan how to maintain after school is out
  • No candy - starting here for my sugar free maintenance plan
  • Bake homemade bread 
  • Learn to use new smoker grill both for smoking and grilling
  • Restart vitamin regime
  • Make Favorite Spring Meals list
  • Plan late spring trip 
  • Plan weekend trips in 2016
  • Complete 2 quilts by June
  • Visit a new state in 2016 - ??
  • Make a 2016 resolution hiking list
  • Do hike in campaign with kids in 2016 - maybe for our spring trip?