Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Winter Goals - Review

Only one more month until it is time to start fresh with spring goals. I need a fresh start!

(Also I have no idea why I can't get all the text to match... the problem is buried somewhere in the HTML and I'm not about to dig through that to find the problem!)


  • Keep list of all purchases in 2016 - I did really well in January, utterly failed in February. This was supposed to be a collaborative effort between Matt and me and a way to reduce spending. Since it seems to be neither of those, I think I'm going to scratch this goal.
  • Maintain Mvelopes - doing well, so happy to be back on Mvelopes
  • Update insurance on jewelry - complete!
  • Update will & estate documents - started paperwork, need to sit down and discuss with Matt
  • Set up savings plan for big home updates - done
  • Set up savings plan for big travel the next few years - done
  • Finish family room projects - nope
  • Dining room projects - working on it, have materials to line buffet drawers, may start that tomorrow if it isn't too windy outside
  • Update Jack's room - half done, need to figure out what to do next
  • Coat closet clean up - measured but that's it
  • Make design plan for basement renovation - have estimate, need to review
  • Meet with architect for to develop long term plan for back of house - met with kitchen designer
  • Follow Home Storage Solutions 52 Weeks plan - scratched
  • Declutter and simplify Christmas decorations as they are put away - ugh. Still a little pile in the basement. Need to get on that.
  • Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge - 17 of 60 books read so far. Ahead of schedule.
  • Don't click gossip news/fishing links - not perfect, but trying
  • Pledge with Matt & kids to not text as the driver, to make all calls hands-free, and to limit in town calls to less than two minutes - calls have been on speaker phone but not less than 2 minutes. Not texting while driving but guilty of doing it at stoplights... working on it.
  • Set morning and evening routines for myself - started
  • Work through Gretchen Rubin's 21 Days & 21 Strategies program - nope
  • Look at meeting with a therapist or coach for some personal development help - met with a therapist. Looking forward to working with her.
  • Blog at least once a week - if you are reading this, then you already know this is not happening
  • Use my Get to Work Book to organize projects in a Getting Things Done style - eh. Not doing as well as I wanted. I like the planning pages but I'm not using the calendar pages. Prefer this notepad for daily plans (& just noticed the new 8.5x11 size!)
  • Update/set morning & evening routines and daily checklists for kids - started for Jack. That didn't last a full day. Might try again next week.
  • Plan 1:1 dates with each child - Jack and I get a lot of 1:1 time due to homeschooling, but I'm taking Kate out to breakfast this week. We are both super excited.
  • Read one parenting book - 17 books read this year and not one on parenting?!?
  • Complete 30 day green smoothie challenge starting Jan 1over
  • Complete another round of Go Sugar Free - I think this week is the last week. I haven't been very dedicated, and I haven't been sugar free. But I'm *aware* of the sugar I'm eating.
  • Work back up to a 10K using 10K Runner program - I ran yesterday. First time in awhile. Wasn't a very good run.
  • Maintain Pilates workout 1x/week - actually going 2x/week most of the time 
  • Bake more homemade bread - on the to do list for this week
  • Research, choose, and potentially schedule executive health exams for Matt and me - though about it
  • Restart vitamin regime - started with just my multivitamin, doing well with that, need to start adding others
  • Read Power of 10 - nope
  • Make Favorite Winter Meals list - nope
  • Plan spring break trip - still not sure what we are doing. sore subject for me
  • Plan late spring trip - iffy if we are even going to take a trip. Maybe do a long weekend
  • Plan weekend trips in 2016 - one planned
  • Complete 3 quilts by spring - something I'm actually accomplishing!! I've finished TWO quilts this week. One is in the mail, the other is currently keeping me warm. I've started 2 other quilts. A baby quilt which should be quick to finish and a bigger one that I hope to have done in the next few weeks.
  • Visit a new state  in 2016 - no plans yet...
  • Plan monthly game night - nope
  • Make a 2016 resolution hiking list - nope
  • Do hike in camping with kids in 2016 - sometime this summer...
  • Go cross country skiing - skiing is an all around bust for me this season

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