Thursday, March 31, 2016

Winter 2016 Goals - Final Review

How in the world have 3 months gone by since I put my winter goals out into the world?! March was a bit of a tough month for me. Most everything got put on the back burner while I was in survival mode. Still satisfied overall with the progress I made the last few months.

  • Keep list of all purchases in 2016 - discarded this goal
  • Maintain Mvelopes - DONE!
  • Update insurance on jewelry - DONE!
  • Update will & estate documents - still in progress but I'm satisfied that I at least made some forward motion as this has been sitting on my to do list for years
  • Set up savings plan for big home updates - DONE!
  • Set up savings plan for big travel the next few years - DONE!
  • Finish family room projects - so freakin' close to being done with my painted bookshelves! I need to go over what else I want to get done because I can't even remember anymore
  • Finish Dining room projects - the only project I got done was to line my little buffet drawers with anti-tarnish silver cloth.
  • Update Jack's room - have also forgotten what I want to get done. If that room would only stay clean for half a minute, I might make better progress!
  • Coat closet clean up - never got further than measurements, will move this to spring goals
  • Make design plan for basement renovation - DONE! Now need to make decisions and move forward with plan
  • Meet with architect to develop long term pan for back of house - no, but I do have a kitchen design. Need to evaluate if we want to move forward with that or meet with architect first.
  • Follow Home Storage Solutions 52 Weeks plan - discarded this stupid goal
  • Declutter and simplify Christmas decorations as they are put away - I am so embarrassed to admit that this is not yet done. It's *mostly* done. Just a few things sitting on top of bins in the basement.
  • Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge - 21 of 60 books read - ahead of schedule.
  • Don't click gossip news/fishing links - I'm doing so much better about this. I'm doing really well at staying away from the true fishing links, but c'mon... sometimes you just have to see what Kate Middleton is wearing...
  • Pledge with Matt & kids to not text as the driver, to make all calls hands-free, and to limit in town calls to less than 2 minutes - so much better than when we started, calls are hands-free. But not 2 minutes - however I am being aware of not making calls when driving someplace busy/not familiar. No texting while driving but I have been aware that sometimes I use my phone to find music/podcast/audiobooks while driving. Working on not doing that anymore.
  • Set morning and evening routines for myself - only thinking & reading about this so far
  • Look at meeting with a therapist or coach for some personal development help - DONE! Had my first session. Great.
  • Blog at least once a week - NOPE!
  • Use my Get to Work Book to organize projects in a Getting Things Done style - this isn't going as well as I had hoped. I think I need a different system.
  • Update/set morning and evening routines and daily checklists for kids - started this but it did NOT go well. Will try again once we get a few other family life matters settled.
  • Plan 1:1 dates with each child - Jack is easy. We do stuff all the time with homeschooling. The one breakfast date I did with Kate was fantastic. Need to do it more than once a season!
  • Read one parenting book - NOPE. I think I might need to be a bit more specific with myself
  • Complete 30 day green smoothie challenge - NOPE
  • Complete another round of Go Sugar Free - Sorta, but consuming more sugar than I would like
  • Work back up to a 10 K using 10K Runner program - NOPE
  • Maintain Pilates workout 1x/week - DONE! I maintained my weekly group class plus did some private training. In March the studio added an early morning class that works well for me, so now I can go to 2 classes/week.
  • Bake more homemade bread - NOPE, not once.
  • Research, choose, and potentially schedule executive health exams for Matt and me - research and choosing done. Now need to decide if we are actually going to go this route.
  • Restart vitamin regime - been really good about taking multivitamins daily, purchased pill organizer for myself, need to slowly add additional vitamins
  • Read Power of 10 - NOPE
  • Make Favorite Winter Meals list - NOPE, I don't know why I didn't do this. I love having a list of favorite meals to refer to when I don't know what to make.
  • Plan spring break trip - DONE!
  • Plan late spring trip - still debating... not going to be as big as we orginally were thinking.
  • Plan weekend trips in 2016 - working on this, want to do more, especially as the weather gets nicer
  • Complete 3 quilts by spring - DONE!
  • Visit a new state in 2016 - not yet, hoping maybe Oregon this summer?
  • Plan a monthly game night - NOPE
  • Make a 2016 resolution hiking list - not yet, I need to do this since hiking season is approaching quickly
  • Do hike in camping with kids in 2016 - maybe for our spring trip?
  • Go cross country skiing - NOPE, and so disappointed in myself that I didn't make this happen.

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