Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly Mini-Goals - 3/13/16

I'd like to get back to my weekly to do list. It is helpful for me to have a guide from which to pick for my daily to list, otherwise I seem to get stuck in the tasks that are right in front of me and forget about bigger projects.
  1. Finish patchwork quilt top
  2. Baste patchwork quilt top
  3. Quilt patchwork quilt top (This is WAY more sewing than I usually do in a week but I really want to get this quilt done so I can do the binding over spring break. If all goes well, I'd like to baste/quilt a 2nd quilt top so I have TWO bindings to do over spring break)
  4. Get knobs for family room bookcase
  5. Put hardware on family room bookcase doors
  6. Discuss basement and kitchen with contractor
  7. Plan/get items for St. Patrick's Day
  8. Plan/get items for Easter
  9. Plan/get items for Jack's birthday
  10. Buy new battery charger for camera

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