Sunday, February 28, 2016

DayBook 2.28.16

Outside my window... in the mountains for the weekend. Piles of snow and lots of sunshine. Probably a little warm for the end of February. Fingers crossed that there will be continued and late snow this year.

I am hearing... Jack and his friend bickering over what color plate they get for breakfast (really?!?) and the fireplace humming.

I am feeling... in need of some down time after flying solo with my kids and their 2 friends all weekend. It may wear me down a bit, but I sorta love having a bunches of kids around.

I am thinking... that I need a road trip soon. I've really missed not doing a multi week trip this year. 

I am thankful for... boot dryers.

From the kitchen... we've eaten out or had leftovers all weekend. Haven't thought much about the upcoming week yet. Definitely going to make greek crockpot chicken. Maybe a stir fry. I'm feeling the need for some veggies.

I am wearing... flannel PJ pants and a long undie top. About to change into winter hiking gear to take the dogs out.

I am creating... I have only a few more inches of hand sewing the binding on TWO quilts. Those should both be done this week. And I've already started piecing my next quilt. Hoping to have that done  in the next couple weeks (it is a fairly simple patchwork but hoping to make it sizable)

I am going...

I am reading... I've finished a bunch of books since the last time I blogged. My favorite was probably Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Funny I wasn't wild (pun intended!) about her book Wild but I love her podcast Dear Sugar and this book was a lot like listening to that. Current reads/listens are still pretty new. Listening to Glass Sword with Jack. Reading Eleanor (The Unseen #1) - so far it's just eh. Started a few others but not sure yet what will stick.

I am hoping... to plant a cool season garden this year. That means we need to plant some starts this week!

Around the house... I met with a kitchen designer and our contractor last week. Eeek! Since it is supposed to be nice this week, I'm going to try to find motivation to do some outside projects.

In the homeschool room... progressing. Not really doing anything special right now. Just reading, doing math, writing, etc.

How I'm exercising... feel like I've got my routine down, but I'm not running like I want. Can't seem to find the motivation to get out there - even on gorgeous days. Blah.

One of my favorite things... my new "Cup of Sunshine" mug

A few plans for the next week: a full week - Pilates, tennis, personal trainer. Summer USTA meeting. Doctor appt for Jack. Lunch with friends.

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