Friday, January 01, 2016

Word for 2016 - Listen


I'm so excited about my new word! (I wish I had some pretty "Listen" graphic to share)

Listen contains so much meaning for me and the direction in which I want to move with my life. So many meanings and applications.

  • Listen for meaning behind words
  • Listen to what others really need
  • Listen to my heart
  • Listen to intuition
  • Listen to callings
  • Listen to my children
  • Listen to my friends
  • Listen to my body
  • Listen without judgement
  • Listen to opportunity
  • Listen to God
  • Listen with an open heart and mind
  • Just Listen
Plus "Listen" is pretty close to "Kristen."

"Listen, Kristen" just flows off the tongue! Like it was meant to be.

See? See? It's going to be a great word. 

I might have to keep it around for a few years like I did "Patience." Seems like I need ample time to sit, learn, and truly absorb the meaning and complexity of a word.

My first "Listen" assignment to myself is to read the book Seven Thousand Ways to Listen which was a birthday gift from my friend Nona. 

(I was dying to read it sooner, but knowing "Listen" was going to be my new work, I also wanted to save the read and use it to start off 2016.)

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