Thursday, January 28, 2016

Homeschool Moment - Tracking Dinosaurs

Last Friday all of our activities were unexpectedly cancelled, so Jack and I decided to have a little adventure. (As a side, I've found that we aren't doing as many outings this year with Kate in school. Partially because our time is more limited with scheduled activities and partially because I feel guilty doing things without Kate.) Because Jack has been into dinosaurs lately and it was such a beautiful day, we headed to a place we hadn't yet visited - Dinosaur Ridge. This area has a huge concentration of dinosaur fossils! We saw all kinds of tracks and bones, and learned a lot from the guides working there.
Baby Brontosaurus track
Stegosaurus - Colorado's State Dinosaur
Had no idea that there was a state dinosaur!
Then we went to IKEA for meatballs...

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