Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DayBook 12.15.15

Outside my window... it's snowing! We got a few inches overnight which was a surprise for me (I should check the weather more!). Was even more surprised to find out school had been cancelled.

I am hearing... the furnace blowing - it used to be a constant, winter sound in our old house, but this fall we had insulation blown in the outside walls and now that the storm windows are back up after getting the house painted, our house is staying warm and toasty without the furnace working overtime.

I am feeling... blah. I think I need to get outside and get some sunshine in my face!

I am thinking... that my kids are growing up much too fast! I need them to slow down.

I am thankful for... snow days. It just feels like extra time.

From the kitchen... made a cranberry chicken dish on Sunday night with roasted brussel sprouts (and broccoli because the kids won't eat brussel sprouts), last night we had taco soup pulled from the freezer. This morning I'm going to put Greek chicken in the crockpot for dinner tonight. And since it is a snow day, we are going to make some Christmas cookies this afternoon!

I am wearing... my black hiking pants (because they are so comfy!), a wool turtleneck and my lounge sweater. It's my lazy outfit.

I am creating... I have been busy in the sewing room. I got 2 (TWO!!) quilt tops done last week (but the house fell apart!). One of them I basted over the weekend, and I'm slowly quilting. I'm also thinking of crocheting a few ornaments for the kids.
I am going... to take a shower this morning. I'm desperately dirty.

I am reading... I seem to be on a bit of a book hiatus. I'm reading Crown of Midnight (book 2 of the Throne of Glass YA series), but that is it. Don't even have a current audiobook! I've been listening to podcasts instead.

I am hoping... that Matt gives Tripper a bath this week. 

Around the house... it's half decorated for Christmas, but with no tree yet, it doesn't feel really Christmasy. I also have boxes everywhere. Boxes of stuff to be donated, boxes to be sent out, boxes to be recycled.

In the homeschool room... Jack and I did baking soda rockets and other experiments last week. Other than that, just our normal stuff. 

How I'm exercising... I'm not. I keep meaning to go to the gym or get outside for a run, but I've been feeling lazy. Plus the sewing room distracts me! Maybe I need to put on my FitBit again.

One of my favorite things... Christmas cookies!

A few plans for the next week: Life feels like slows way down starting this weekend, but we still have a lot going on. The kids have a swim team Christmas party, we have a friend's birthday to celebrate, going to the Nutcracker, my parents are coming, we have to get & decorate our Christmas tree, and lots of cooking to be done!

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