Sunday, October 25, 2015

Organized Christmas

I love, love, love Christmas. 

I love the baking and the decorating and the activity.

I love the music and the bustle and the warmness.

I love the tradition and the friends and family.

I love giving. (And, ok, I maybe love receiving also...)

But Christmas can really stress me out. Taking the joy out of the baking, decorating, activity, music, giving... ugh...

Multiple years ago, I stumbled across the Christmas Countdown. A six week plan to get you ready for Christmas by the first week in December. It has worked so well over the years. I have most of the work of Christmas ready by early December and can just sit back and enjoy the holidays.

The Christmas Countdown starts this week, and I'm excited to get going on it. I've pulled out my Christmas binder to clean it up. I've printed this week's worksheets. I've read my Holiday Wrap Up from last year (I am always so glad to have notes to remind me what went well and want didn't work from previous years!). I'll probably even buy and wrap a few presents this week (Egads!). 

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