Monday, September 07, 2015

daybook 9.7.15

Outside my window... I am outside. Need to be out as much as possible. I can feel the change of seasons coming.

I am hearing... the happenings in the neighbor's yard, some far off traffic noises, the other neighbor's fountain, dog nails up and down the driveway

I am feeling... calm. Calm before the storm? Also a little whole-body fatigued from my workout this morning.

I am thinking... about my fall wardrobe. Maybe I'll post something laster this week.

I am thankful for... Colorado peaches!
From the kitchen... need to figure out what is going to happen in the kitchen this week & get to the grocery store. Have some roasted chicken to use up. There will be beets and apples. Want to do a pizza on the grill. Also have a ton of yellow squash and zucchini to use. And bananas!
I am wearing... running shorts and top. Need to shower and change.
I am creating... a new quilt top. Hope to get to that sewing machine today.
I am going... to have to have my LASIK "enhanced" - didn't quite get the results that I should have gotten. Not looking forward to the surgery again.
I am reading... I am bouncing around in my reading and it is horrible and not efficient. Need to make myself a reading list.
I am hoping... to check another 14er off my list soon (that would make a grand total of... 2!)
Around the house... about to put up some fall decorations!

In the homeschool room... Jack starts his new homeschool enrichment program this week. Really hoping he enjoys it. I think it will be just right for him.

How I'm exercising... went to Pilates on Friday for the first time all summer. That felt good. Today I started an 8 week "Master the Mile" program at our club. I'm the only one in the class, so it is like having a personal trainer! My baseline mile time was 8:48 which is so much faster than I thought I could run. Also, I almost puked.
One of my favorite things... when the motorist who was tailing you far too close despite your already-over-the-speed-limit-speed passes you and then gets pulled over a few miles down the road*

A few plans for the next week: how come the calendar is full but there is nothing outside our normal happenings? Really liking our new weekly routine so far. Full but not busy.

*ok, that's not really one of my favorite things. I wouldn't wish a ticket on anyone. Except maybe when this scenario actually happened this morning, it just might have provided me with just a teeny, tiny bit of satisfaction.

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