Monday, September 28, 2015

DayBook 9.28.15

Outside my window... is a lovely morning. I should probably be outside typing, but the computer battery is low. I'm loving these cool evenings/nights/mornings.

I am hearing... the washing machine doing a load of towels and some highway noise

I am feeling... behind on life. Need a little catch up today.

I am thinking... about how I am going to incorporate my sugar free experience into my life once the class is complete.

I am thankful for... great neighbors (except for maybe one set...)
From the kitchen... I didn't cook much over the weekend but this morning there was apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, going to make monster muffins this afternoon for Kate to share with swim friends, and going to roast some whole chickens in the crockpot today.
I am wearing... running shorts, a favorite tank that is wearing out, and a long sleep grey half zip. Bare feet that are cold.
I am creating... I MISS MY SEWING ROOM!!
I am going... to get some stuff checked off my to do list today! I was so lazy this weekend (in a good way - I needed it)
I am reading... oh, I don't know. Feel like I'm bouncing all over the place with books & really just need to finish something. My friend Nona gave me a book for my birthday (too lazy to walk upstairs and look at the title!) that I started last night. Only got through the introduction before I fell asleep.
I am hoping... that I can figure out how to get myself to wake up early. I love having that time, but I also love that sleep!
Around the house... it's not a disaster. We just had foam insulation blown into the walls about 10 days ago. Funny that it makes the house feel more stable/steady somehow. Not as creaky (and this 110 year old houses can be creaky!). Hoping it keeps us a little warmer this winter. A few weeks until we get our new exterior paint!

In the homeschool room... we need to get some serious work done this week! We've been reading about invertebrates, animal classification, grasslands, Shakespeare, EB White, rivers/streams, and the moon.

How I'm exercising... doing this Master the Mile class. Kinda killing me.
One of my favorite things... lunar eclipses. How cool was that?

A few plans for the next week: haircut, friend time for Jack, need to fill up the donation box for the ARC truck coming by, tennis matches, trip to the mountains to see the leaves

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