Monday, August 24, 2015

(Mid)DayBook 8.24.15

Writing mid-afternoon. Seems to be the time I can find these days. So many things I'm not doing so I can sit here and just be.

Outside my window... I am outside. Lots of birds in the yard the last few days. Nina is lounging in the sun next to me. Tripper has his nose to the ground finding smells

I am hearing... those birds and a lawn mower in the neighborhood. But mostly the birds.

I am feeling... pretty good. Very antsy this afternoon for a sweet treat.

I am thinking... that I would like an eye lift. Never did I think that I would some day be thinking that thought. Maybe that should be under "I am wishing" instead?

I am thankful for... the sleep I've been getting lately!
From the kitchen... peach oatmeal for breakfast this morning, summer corn & bean soup with corndog muffins for dinner, angel food cake for dessert. Yesterday I made a sugar free chia jam and a big batch of roasted sweet potatoes.
I am wearing... running shorts and top. Never changed from me walk this morning
I am creating... a half birthday celebration for Kate. Today she is 11.5! Yikes!
I am going... to the grocery store. Always a necessary task.
I am reading... All the Light We Cannot See, slow progress as I've been pretty tired at night. Also listening to One Plus One but will finish today. Plan to start The Power of Habit today as it is a library checkout.
I am hoping... that someone will volunteer to come clean my kitchen every morning.
Around the house... we had a get-the-house-under-control day yesterday, so things feel pretty good. New lightbulbs, mostly clean rooms, clean sheets, etc. I'm going to order a new chair/ottoman this week. Also determined to get the doors painted on my bookshelves... now that it has been almost a year!

In the homeschool room... going really well 1:1 with Jack. I'll write a homeschool plan post soon.

How I'm exercising... ran with Matt last night. Walked with Tripper this morning. May do another run this evening when it cools off. Need to figure out my strength training.
One of my favorite things... grasshoppers. Such funny little things. They are everywhere right now.

A few plans for the next week: Busy week! Friends coming over tonight, 
dentist appt for me (cavity... yuck...), meet the teacher at Jack's possible new homeschool program, middle school open house, LASIK follow up appt for me, haircuts for both Kate and me, wolf feeding experience, maybe some tennis, and a weekend in the mountains!

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