Monday, August 03, 2015

DayBook 8.3.15

It's been almost 6 months since I've written a DayBook post. Thought it might be a good start to my get-back-to-blogging-more-regularly attempt.

Outside my window... overcast and green. The mountains look dark, but I am so happy to see them.

I am hearing... birds chattering, the trampoline springs assisting Kate skyward, and the mumble of the audiobook entertaining Jack as he gets dressed

I am feeling... motivated!

I am thinking... about what life is going to look like this school year. With one in school full time, there will be no big travels. As that reality sets in, I'm starting to see all the benefits of staying put for a bit.

I am thankful for... cool mountain air after driving across the horribly hot midwest plains
From the kitchen... we *attempted* to make large swedish pancakes this morning. They didn't look good but still tasted good. I came home to basil exploding in the garden, so Kate and a friend are tasked with making pesto today.
I am wearing... loose workout pants, tank top and an open weave sweater. Really comfy.
I am creating... space for my ideas. Instead of having random bits of paper everywhere for my lists and thoughts and ideas, I've gotten myself a spiral calendar where I can write everything.
I am going... to the grocery store soon. NOTHING to eat in this house.
I am reading... All the Light We Cannot See, only a few chapters in but I've heard it is great. Also listening to For the Love of Physics and, with the kids, The Candy Shop War. Got several nonfiction books going. Need to pick one and focus!
I am hoping... to get a good long walk in today. Tripper needs it and I need it.
Around the house... the house is looking so good and yet there is always so much to do! 

In the homeschool room... not much formal schooling right now. We started reading aloud Stuart Little (because I can't believe we haven't read it already!). Jack is working on a project that has him thinking and writing and drawing. He's so excited which makes me so excited. Also need to sit down with Kate over the next 2 week and learn decimals. Something we haven't covered but that she needs to know for school.

How I'm exercising... not regularly.
One of my favorite things... butter popcorn salt water taffy

A few plans for the next week: dentist appts, visit with my cousin and her family, tween night, a few playdates, hopefully a hike, and mountain time with a favorite person and her son

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