Thursday, June 25, 2015

june: eating

While I don't consider us to be truly seasonal eaters, we do tend to go in spurts of what we are eating. Do you do that also? Here's some of the happenings in our kitchen lately...

blueberry pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

swedish pancakes with my new plett pan

bowtie pasta salad with veggies and smoked salmon

flank steak: grilled or broiled depending on the weather, leftovers added to salads for lunch

roasted beets in a salad of spinach, goat cheese and pine nuts

black bean, corn, red pepper and feta side dish

blueberries and lemon noosa yogurt

spinach pesto fusilli (i want to fiddle with this recipe and add some basil)

spinach-strawberry-avocado salad with honey dressing

banana chocolate chip muffins for the freezer

chia puddings

homemade protein bars (adapted from this recipe)

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