Sunday, April 05, 2015

For This Week - April 5th

Well, hello. And Happy Easter! The kids and I got back late last night from our 3 week Hawaii adventure. I'm jet lagged today which makes me feel like doing nothing, and fortunately Matt & his father took care of all the Easter doings. I have managed to work through a decent number of emails which was much needed - my computer wouldn't start in Hawaii but magically started back at home. Maybe a blessing from the universe while I was away?

We dive right back into *real* life tomorrow. I am going to miss my lazy mornings, tropical smoothies, beach time & salty hair, the company of a friend everyday, and the simplicity of living out of a suitcase. Combine those joys with reading the book Essentialism (among many others!) while I was gone, and I'm wondering what changes I can incorporate back into *real* life. I will be pondering it.

I am happy to get back this week to some of the home routines that we need/love - Jack's tutor, kids' swim practice, my tennis and Pilates, homeschool. Plus I have some good self care scheduled this week (a massage and haircut). There are other fun things to look forward to this week, and one of those involves me wearing a fancy dress!

I'm doing so much catching up this week, that I'm hopefully going easy on myself with the to do list...
  1. Sign Kate up for volleyball
  2. Sign Kate up for gymnastics
  3. Sign Kate up for summer camp
  4. Sign Jack up for a new activity
  5. Call middle school for Kate
  6. Call to make acupuncture appt
  7. Schedule tennis matches
  8. Organize for homeschool book sale
  9. Go through Easter/spring decorations
  10. Write out spring goals

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