Friday, March 20, 2015

Winter Book List - Final Review

Since today is the first day of spring and our spot in Hawaii is really rainy, I thought I'd do my final winter book review. I didn't do a great job of sticking to the winter list. Sometimes when I hear of a good book, I want to read it RIGHT NOW. Plus if a library book becomes available, it goes to the top of the reading list.

Another factor in my reading this winter was having LASIK done at the end of February. I haven't felt much like reading the last few weeks. My eyes felt really tired (still do sometimes), and most days the eyeballs felt too fatigued to focus to read. I've noticed a marked improvement over the last week, and as such, I've started back to regular reading.

I think I'll try to do a smaller list for spring and leave room for additions, but I'm looking forward to the fun of figuring out what I want to read!

Total Books Read This Winter: 19

(I *starred the books that weren't originally on my winter book list)

Audiobooks - I love audiobooks...
  1. Off to Be the Wizard
  2. Peace From Broken Pieces
  3. Provenance by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo
  4. Accidentally on Purpose  
  5. Rapt by Winifred Gallagher
  6. The Aviator's Wife
  7. The Introvert Advantage
  8. *Gilead (loved this! Loved it.)
  9. *Lila (sequel or prequel to Gilead - love it also)
  10. *Love, Rosie (currently listening - almost done)
Nonfiction - I'm the queen of half-reading nonfiction...
  1. Coaching With the Brain in Mind 
  2. Deconstructing Penguins
  3. 10 Minute Toughness
  4. How to Hug a Porcupine
  5. Daughters of Eve (currently reading - but not actively!)
  6. Silver Spoon Kids (started but didn't get far)
  7. Return to Life Through Contrology
  8. 1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently
  9. *And Then They Won Gold (currently reading - but not actively!)
  10. *The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  11. *The Happiness Project (started but then I had to return it to the library)
  12. *Essentialism (currently reading - almost done)
Fiction/Novels - hmmm... every fiction was "added."
  1. The Book Thief
  2. Orphan Train
  3. Boys in the Boat
  4. *Fallen
  5. *The Storied Life of AJ Fikry
  6. *The Last Letter From Your Lover
Kids - love reading what my kids read!
  1. Out of My Mind
  2. The Phantom Tollbooth
  3. Feeding Malachi
  4. Heidi
  5. The Menagerie
  6. Time for Andrew
  7. The City of Ember
  8. Esperanza Rising
  9. Spirit Animals books 1-?
  10. Ruby Holler
  11. *When I Reach You
  12. *Malachi and the Ghost Kitten
  13. *Rules
  14. *Ramayana - The Divine Loophole
  15. *The Saga of Erik the Viking
  16. *Kenny and the Dragon

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