Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mini Goals Week of March 1st

It's March! So much is happening in March!! There is so much that needs to be done before all that is happening happens in March!!!

Here's where I was 2 weeks ago when I last posted a to-do list and what I've gotten done since...
  1. Get email inbox down to <50 - nope... currently sitting at 73...
  2. Ask feed store about chickens - I'm putting this off until spring
  3. Order photos for Kate's room
  4. Call about school shadowing for Kate - too late to do this in March, off list
  5. Make acupuncture appointment - no time for March, off list
  6. Schedule upcoming & missed tennis matches - although I need to re-resechedule some after all our snow
  7. Fill out forms to revise our wills - this is not going to happen in the next few weeks - off the list!
  8. Make a homemade gift for Kate's birthday - nope and now the birthday is over...
  9. Plan a birthday party for Kate
  10. Finalize LASIK plans - DONE! I can SEE!!
  11. Figure out trip to Maui - figured out that I won't do Maui, although now I'm having 2nd thoughts...
  12. Deal with library books
  13. Mail Twice box
  14. Take donations to ARC
  15. Drop of plastic bag recycling
This week is a bit hectic, so I'm going to keep my to do list to a minimum
  1. Get email inbox down to <50
  2. Order photos for Kate's room
  3. Schedule upcoming & missed tennis matches
  4. Finalize Hawaii plans
  5. Mail Twice box
  6. Sew up a few gifts - at least 4
  7. Get birthday presents for Jack
  8. Go to Costco before weekend
  9. Take down winter decorations, put up a few Easter/spring ones
  10. Run 4 times (my running schedule has not been great)

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