Wednesday, March 04, 2015

2015 Winter Goals - Midway Review

I think I'm further than midway, but here's where I stand. I am usually a bit lofty with my goals, so it never bothers me to not get everything checked off. Most will just move to spring!


  1. Maintain Mvelopes for tracking spending
  2. Start saving for a new car for me
  3. Revise wills - thinking this is getting moved to spring goals!
  4. Figure out and follow through with a financial project with Matt
  5. Read one financial book (a couple chapters in)
  1. Buy remaining big items for family room - couch, chair/ottoman, piano bench, coffee table
  2. Finish sanding/painting and install doors on bookcases - haven't touched this since before Christmas
  3. Declutter half the basement - made some progress, had the kids clean out dress up clothes we no longer use, had Kate clean out some Barbie stuff, I may leave some stuff until our June garage sale
  4. Research insulation options for when house is painted this spring
  5. Have automatic opener installed on front driveway gate - waiting for decent weather when they can pour concrete
  6. Update invisible fence and train Tripper - also waiting for better weather
  7. Clean out chicken coop and treat for mites - ditto above about weather
  8. Order ping pong table
  9. Clean out pantry
  10. Clean out games
  1. Try acupuncture
  2. Make eye doctor appointment (LASIK was done last Friday - woohoo!)
  3. Make dentist appointment for me and kids
  4. Make dermatology appointment
  5. Make general physical appointment
  6. Continue Pilates 2x/week and try Pilates video
  7. Plan 2 kedge weeks
  8. Read a book about tennis & watch a video series
  9. Come up with a winter meal plan/list (sorta but not really the way I envisioned)
  10. Hit goal weight - sooooo close... although I also feel like I've losses some muscle tone. Blah.
  1. Acknowledge birthdays - I STINK at birthdays. Not because I don't care. Because I STINK at it. I think I need a system
  2. Research schools for Kate - pretty sure I know what we are doing for school
  3. Work on a family reunion for my mom's side of the family - I should just move this to 2016 goals...
  4. Be more diligent about relationships - how did such a vague goal creep onto my list?!?
  5. Read one book on parenting (How To Hug a Porcupine)
  1. Ponder suggestion that I sell mug rugs locally. Make a few examples. - Instead I'm pondering the thought that I might not ever find time to sew in the next 10 years
  2. Make one holiday table runner
  3. Finish one quilt (I've made significant progress on one, but it isn't going to get done)
  4. Inquire about becoming a hospice volunteer
  5. Read Coaching With the Brain in Mind
Spiritual/Personal Growth
  1. Start a daily gratitude practice
  2. Read a spiritual book (currently reading Daughters of Eve)
  3. Start journaling at night (I started strong but haven't kept it up)
  4. Revise/write vision statements, Know Myself Better 21 day project, and questions from my Sacred Reading as part of evening journal - goes with journaling, started strong, then nothing...
  5. Meditate on mornings I don't run or walk (I haven't been walking nor running nor meditating in the morning...)
  1. Take a trip by myself - Yoga retreat in Mexico
  2. Take an extended trip to Hawaii - less than 2 weeks!
  3. Plan summer travel - mostly, one trip still up in the air
  4. Make at least 5 trips to Denver to visit museums/sites - 2 and that's all that's going to happen in winter
  5. Ski at least 2 different mountains than our normal one - nope... our regular ski place just has great skiing and is easy!

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