Sunday, February 08, 2015

Mini Goals 2.8.15

So I actually don't arrive home until tomorrow, but I planned out a few to do's for this next week ahead of time. Here's what I need to do after returning home...
  1. Get email inbox down to <20 (goodness knows it will be full after a week with no internet!)
  2. Ask feed store about chickens
  3. Order photos for Kate's room
  4. Email swim instructor
  5. Call about school shadowing for Kate
  6. Make acupuncture appointment
  7. Schedule upcoming & missed tennis matches
  8. Figure out ExpressToll Account
  9. Fill out forms to revise our wills
  10. Catch up on laundry
  11. Plan something for Valentine's Day for kids
  12. Unpack
  13. Make a homemade gift for Kate's birthday
  14. Clean out pantry
  15. Clean out games

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