Monday, February 16, 2015

DayBook 2.16.15

FOR TODAY - Happy Presidents' Day (last time I wrote a DayBook was MLK Day!)

Outside my window... lots o' snow! I bet we got 4 in over night, and it is still coming. Only bummer about the snow is that Kate and I need to drive up into the mountains in it. Fingers crossed for good roads.

I am hearing... almost total quiet. A little hum of the fridge and the water in my tea kettle simmering

I am feeling... not so great, to be honest. I think I brought a little tummy souvenir home from Mexico. Blah. Symptoms haven't been bad, but I've been really tired, lacked an appetite and had NO MOTIVATION the last 4-5 days. I feel a bit better this morning and woke up early. Hoping this week is a bit more productive.

I am thinking... that I really need to get on it and plan our 2015 Hawaii trip (have plane tickets but want to nail down some details)
I am thankful for... snow tires. 
From the kitchen... did I mention my lack of appetite? Lots of cereal and ramen and fried eggs in our house the last week. Kate and I had popcorn and Naked juices for dinner while we watched a movie last night! Hopefully the food improves this week.
I am wearing... track pants, old tee shirt, fleece jacket, slippers, and my glasses. I am a sight to behold!
I am creating... nothing.
I am going... to trudge through the snow to feed the chickens when I'm done writing this. Feeding chickens in the snow is not my favorite chore (I don't mind on nice mornings!). Maybe I'll delegate to Kate...
I am reading... The Last Letter From Your Lover. Just started it yesterday. Excited to really get into it, because I've heard it is really good.
I am hoping... to get my mojo back this week.
Around the house... I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (not great but it did motivate me) while I was in Mexico. I felt pretty good the first day or two I was home and did a mass declutter. That "clutter" is currently filling my entry waiting to be donated.

In the homeschool room... homeschool didn't go so well this last week, and this week doesn't look promising with out of town friends and skiing taking up a lot of our time. That's the glory of homeschool! We seem to go in waves anyway, so it's all fine.

How I'm exercising... I'm not. See "How I'm Feeling." I also have a tough time adjusting back to the altitude. Hopefully this week will be better.
One of my favorite things... my Kindle. Who knew I'd like electronic books so much?!?

A few plans for the next week: there is not a lot planned this week. That's good.

Here is a picture I am sharing: candlelight yoga on my retreat (that's me in the left corner)

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