Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Books to Movies 2015

I really enjoyed working through the list of books to movies in 2014 (even if I did a better job reading the books than watching the movies! Gotta get going on my movie watching... I put the updated list at the end of this blog entry). I made this list by combining a few lists around the blogosphere and thought I'd try again this year. 45 books (I've already read 8 of them, yet I've only read 8 of them!) is a bit daunting, but even though I won't read them all, I like having a good list to reference when I'm not sure what to read next. I starred the ones I plan to read first, and I will probably narrow down the list when I have time to consider what I really would like to read. I mostly can't imagine watching all 55 movies... that's over 100 hours of my life...
  1. Insurgent
  2. The Ninth Life of Lewis Drax
  3. Paper Towns*
  4. The World Made Straight
  5. The Mortdecai Trilogy
  6. The Spook's Apprentice/The Last Apprentice (published under a couple names?)
  7. Fifty Shades of Grey
  8. Serena (this was on last year's list!)
  9. True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa
  10. The Longest Ride (not sure I bring myself to read another Nicholas Sparks...)
  11. The Moon and the Sun
  12. Far From the Maddening Crowd*
  13. Me Before You
  14. The Scorch Trials
  15. Black Mass
  16. Mockingjay
  17. The Martian (I've been wanting to read this but have been saving it and hoping to listen to it with Matt on a road trip)
  18. In the Heart of the Sea
  19. The Revenant
  20. The Secret Scripture
  21. The Light Between Oceans*
  22. Frankenstein (didn't I read this in school? I don't remember.)
  23. The Choice (another Nicholas Sparks?!?)
  24. The Zookeeper's Wife*
  25. Into the Forest
  26. Dark Places
  27. Where Rainbows End* (I guess this book has been renamed Love, Rosie)
  28. A Hologram for the King
  29. The Driftless Area
  30. A Walk in the Woods (how have I not read this?!?)
  31. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  32. Brooklyn
  33. Room
  34. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  35. Silence
  36. The Price of Salt
  37. A Book of Common Prayer
  38. The Secret in Their Eyes
  39. Still Alice
  40. The DUFF
  41. Dead Stars
  42. Child 44
  43. Jungle Book
  44. American Sniper
  45. Inherent Vice
  46. A Thousand Splendid Suns
  47. Testament of Youth
  48. The Scorpio Races
  49. Goosebumps
  50. Fallen
  51. Cell (Stephen King... I'm not reading nor watching it...)
  52. Beautiful Ruins
  53. The Adderall Diaries
2014 List - highlighted movies I've seen, starred the ones I'm planning to watch in the next week on the plane or with free time
  1. Labor Day
  2. The Monuments Men*
  3. Winter's Tale
  4. Vampire Academy
  5. A Long Way Down
  6. Divergent
  7. The Fault in Our Stars 
  8. The Hundred Foot Journey *
  9. The Giver
  10. Dark Places (moved to 2015 list!)
  11. This Is Where I Leave You*
  12. The Maze Runner
  13. Gone Girl*
  14. Unbroken
  15. Wild
  16. Serena (not sure if this is every coming out although it is on the 2015 list)


Jenna Bristol said...

Why in the WORLD would you want to read Fifty Shades? I have not read it, not only because of the content (the CONTENT!) but because I have heard it's so incredibly poorly written. Just interested to hear a different perspective on that decision.

Greenstylemom said...

You know, I held the same view for a long time. I had absolutely no interest in reading the books when they first came out. If the books had just had their brief moment of fame, I wouldn't have read them. However, it became pretty evident in the last year or so as the hype escalated that it was definitely becoming part of our pop culture. I felt like I couldn't discuss the merits of the books until I had actually read them. I wanted to form my own opinion, not rely on second hand information. And, indeed, I thought the books were poorly written. Most of the sex content wasn't crazy original (ok, maybe a few things...), there was just a lot of it. The whole addictive love story annoys me, but I actually was more outraged by the Twilight series sex scenes than by 50 Shades. At least 50 was geared towards an adult audience, not youth. And now I can speak first hand and intelligently when the book comes up.