Sunday, January 04, 2015

Mini Goals - Week of 1/5

I did okay for begin gone half the week. And the clean out of the kids' rooms was a HUGE job. How do they accumulate so much *stuff* in there?!? So much better now.
  1. Clean out email - I did work on it, but my inbox never got under 3 figures...
  2. Figure out New Years resolutions
  3. Clean out Jack's room
  4. Clean out Kate's room
  5. Clean out both bathrooms - never got to the 2nd one
  6. Clean out bedside table
  7. Figure out a space for a basket for dog toys/chews
  8. Email swim coach
  9. Finish Christmas cards - I'm thinking I'm done. If you didn't get one, sorry...
  10. Run 5 times - not so great - Sun, Wed, Sun (plus a 4 mile walk on Sat)
  11. Buy Breck presents
  12. Finish a little, homemade gift - then I changed my mind & want to make something different
  13. Ask feed store about chickens - poor chickens...
  14. Do tennis schedule - this has been a nightmare!
  15. Email tennis coach
Little nervous about getting this week's goals done plus getting back to homeschooling and knowing that we'll want to be outside in the amazingly beautiful weather that is predicted, but aiming high anyway! I think I need to be up early every day this week... or maybe I just won't sleep...
  1. Clean out 10 emails each day this week plus keep up with new incoming (inbox goal:100)
  2. Clean out guest bathroom
  3. Finish a little, homemade gift
  4. Ask feed store about chickens
  5. Do tennis schedule
  6. Order photos for Kate's room
  7. Email swim instructor
  8. Drop off mail returns
  9. Do JCrew and Athleta returns
  10. Finish 2014 finances, prep for 2015 (this should have been on last week's list!)
  11. Make at least 3 health appointments
  12. Clean out/organize Christmas Planner and Holiday Recipe Binder and store for next year
  13. Make reservations for Hawaii accommodations
  14. Call about school shadowing for Kate
  15. Write homeschool plan

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