Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January Homeschool Plan

I'm feeling a little disorganized with the homeschool plan. I feel like my plan might need to be to just keep chugging along. January is hopefully going to be a fun month a well as a get-it-done month. The kids and I get up to the mountains a lot in January and February (or try to anyway!) which usually means more skiing and fewer days for school. Plus we have lots going on in February and a big trip planned for March, so I'm feeling the pressure to get through some of our core work.

The days we are home, I'm planning on focusing mainly on our core subjects - math, spelling, grammar, and reading. The rest we will fit in as we can when we are in the mountains. Just going to try to keep it simple and somewhat fun this month.

  • IXL - kids are using this in their homeschool program, so we'll do a little in the mountains
  • Life of Fred - still on Honey, read as able in the mountains
  • MathUSee - Kate started Epsilon, and Jack started Delta this week; will progress at a comfortable pace
  • Times Tales DVD - Jack has been watching this again, and I can already tell a difference in his multiplication tables
Language Arts 
  • Scribblers online writing class (Kate) - will start again the end of the month
  • Tutoring (Jack) - 3x/week
  • First Language Lessons Level 4 - goal to be through lesson 66 by the end of the month
  • SpellingUSee - continue to work through at a steady pace, Kate will finish Americana and start American Spirit; Jack will continue to work through the Jack and Jill book
  • Independent Reading - I need to make a list... will pull Kate's from the Battle of the Books list
  • Comprehension/Vocabulary/Book Reports - EdHelper questions/worksheets as applicable to reading
  • Gratitude Journal 3-4x/week. Jack is supposed to be writing the date and a complete sentence while Kate writes a descriptive paragraph
History/Social Studies/Geography/Biography/Religion/Literature/Art
  • Story of the World Vol II - For this volume, I have both the book and the audiobook. Kids will read and/or listen to each chapter independently. Maybe through ch 5 by the end of Jan? I always think we'll get further than we do. So easy to get side tracked with interesting history and related topics
  • The Old Testament/Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children - continue reading 
  • Review past poem memorization notebook
  • Audiobooks - How To Train Your Dragon books 1 & 2, The Magician's Nephew
  • Read Aloud - A Child's Introduction to Ballet, The Odyssey and Beowulf, and The Saga of Eric the Viking
  • Science experiment packets
  • Human body study
  • Speech therapy (Jack) - 2x/week plus daily home practice
  • CNN Student News - 5x/week
  • Wonderopolis.org - 5x/week
  • Keyboarding Without Tears - Level 3 - continue 3-4x/week
  • Cursive Without Tears (Jack) - attempt at least 2x/week
  • Latin (Kate) - 1-2 lessons/week
  • Homeschool Enrichment Program - weekly
  • The 7 Habits of Happy Kids - read and do discussions
  • Swim Team 3-4x/week plus dry land training weekly plus 2 swim meets in Jan
  • Ski School plus fun skiing 
  • Field Trips - definitely need to hit the science museum in Denver at least once

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